Thursday, July 26, 2012

So, How Did It Go?

The whole fam woke up around 6:30 this morning to get ready for the first day of school for Georgia. The first thing that I did was call Georgia's name at the bottom of the stairs. I heard a chipper, "what?" It sounded like she was already wide awake. I told her it was time to get up and she quickly said, "OK!" and the next thing I know she is bounding down stairs and into the kitchen to watch me whip up the pancakes. Being the Suzy Homemaker that I am these days I got right to work making some of Aunt Jamima's famous pancakes.

My little Chatty Cathy was talking my ear off about what her first day was going to be like. Sometimes you have to be down right rude with the girl to get a word in edgewise. Several times during breakfast she was told that she needed to stop the chit chat and eat her breakfast.

Once breakfast was over I helped her get ready. I didn't really NEED to help her, but it goes much faster if I do. And luckily for me, Nolan was dropping her off at school on his way to work. That meant I could stay in my PJs for a little while longer!

Before they left, there were pictures to take, of course. Can you imagine if I did not document my eldest daughter's first day of school? Anyway, after the photos it was time to go. I was able to hold it together to give Georgia a goodbye kiss and hug and even Nolan got a quick peck in before the tears began to flow. I had to step on the front porch so she wouldn't see me boo-hooing. When the car started I pulled myself together and stepped out into the yard to wave goodbye for the final time and blow a kiss....both of which were returned by my sweet girl!

After that the tears really started to flow as I walked into my silent house. The night before Nolan told me to try to enjoy the quiet because it will only be a few days and then there will be no more quiet in our house for a long, LONG time. I get a few hours for the next however many days it is until I pop these kids out to be alone and have some down time. So, I tried to remember that. I tried to remember that it's certainly going to get easier watching her go to school and she is going to love it. And, I need this little break because we all know what's coming. Soon and very soon, I will have to helpless little lasses to care for 24 hours a day.

So instead of sulking all day and missing my baby girl, I took some photos for a friend (her little man turns 1 soon and she wanted some photos for his birthday invites!) and we were able to chat over a chai tea. Then I went and spent the afternoon at the salon, getting what will probably be, my last hair cut for some time. And when I was done at the salon, it was time to pick up little G. So, even though I cried last night.....and this morning.....and this morning some more.....and this was a good day and I finally did something for myself.

Here is what makes the best part of the day, when I went to pick G up she grinned from ear to ear when she saw me. She was so excited to tell me about her day. Let's see if I can remember the high lights.....

-She met a girl named Riley. She really likes this because her cousin is named Rylee.
-There was a girl wearing blue and white and she got homesick.
-Georgia couldn't go to sleep during nap time because Snoopy was not with her.
-Lunch was her favorite part of the day.
-They went out to the playground and she asked Riley to play princess pirates with her.
-They read the book The Kissing Hand.
-They also read a book about a Gingerbread Man who escaped from the book.
-Her class got to go searching throughout the school for the Gingerbread Man. He left notes telling them where to go next.
-The last spot they looked was the gym and he left a note saying that they almost caught him but he left to go to another school.
-The Gingerbread Man did leave them some cookies, they were Oreos.
-She sat next to a boy named Carter. Or it could be Carson. He's been called both.
-The only names of her classmates she remembers are Carter, Riley, Amelia, and Parker.
-She got two dinosaur books to look at during rest time.
-She wanted to look at more, but her teacher Mrs Griffith told her no more than two books.

Those are a few of the things I've heard about since I picked her up this afternoon. All in all, it sounds like she had a great day and did well in her class. Congrats Georgia, day #1 was a success!


It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Dear Georgie,

It's your first day of Kindergarten, can you believe it? I know that you are excited about going and that makes me so happy. But being away from you all day makes me a little sad. It makes me sad because this means that you are a big girl and while I want you to grow and learn new things and meet new people and have all the fun a girl can have, I also want to keep you safe at home with me. So Mommy's emotions are all mixed up today.

It's not just you going to Kindergarten that has me all mixed up. That's part of it, but another part is that our family life is changing. Even though we've known that the twins were coming for months now, it just feels like everything is happening at once. Our little family of 3 is going to be a big family of 5 in no time at all. I've loved being a family of 3. I've loved all the things that we were able to do together, the trips we have been on, and the experiences we've had together. Things will never be the same again, and that is sometimes a little bit hard.

Even though our family is changing a bit, we are going to be adding two sweet little baby girls to the mix. And I know that you are excited to meet them, just as Daddy and I are excited to meet them. For a little while, it's going to take some getting used to. They will take a lot of my time, they will take a lot of Daddy's time. And you know what, they will take a lot of your time too. If I know you, and I know you pretty well by now, you are going to be so excited to see them when you get home from school. You will want to hold them and play with them. And they will be so excited to see you when you get home from school too.

So, while things are changing here, I know that they are changing for the best. Sometimes even good changes  can be difficult. We will all have some adjustments to make and new schedules and new roles to learn. I hope that all of these changes and adjustments go smoothly and we all figure out our new roles...Daddy and I will try to figure out how to be parents to three little girls and you will be figure out how to be a big sister.

Even though I said goodbye to you through tears this morning, I hope that you have an awesome first day of Kindergarten. I know that you will do well and that you will meet so many new friends and make so many fantastic memories. So here's to the first of many first days of school. I hope that you continue to remain as excited for the rest of them as you are today.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

35 weeks-Still Holding On

Time for the weekly least for those of you following along. Right now I'm 35 weeks and 5 days into this pregnancy. This week was the first time in a LONG TIME that I only had one day of doctor's appointments. It seems like I had the week off!

This week I went in for my normal ultrasound and NST. Both went fine. Both girls were active and there were no signs of anything but normal baby activity. Yea! Onto the details.....

My ultrasound was probably the quickest one that I've had since we found out we were having twins. Right away both twins were doing their breathing exercises...that is what we've had to wait on in our past appointments. My appointment was in the afternoon, and that is when they are more active. But it was good to see that they were both moving around and doing their little work out.
Baby A's heartbeat was at 140. She is still head down. In fact, the ultrasound tech said that her head is wedged so far down that she couldn't even see the top of it anymore. She said that it is highly unlikely that Baby A will move from the position that she is in, there is just no where else for her to go. The blood flow through her cord was also measured, and that was good! She got an A+.
Baby B's heartbeat was at 146. I am sad to report that Baby B is no longer head down. She is laying sideways, so she's not head up either. So I'm ok with that. At least she is not head up and in the complete opposite position from where she should be. And even though she is laying sideways, she's more head down than head up. So there is still a chance that she can turn herself head down and before my OB said that as long as Baby A was head down they would try a vaginal birth. She said that sometimes the baby will just slip into the correct position or they can manually turn the baby or as long as the baby is not in distress, she can be born breech. Everything else was perfect for Baby B.
Next, I went in for my NST. There was a little trouble getting Baby B's heartbeat because she is laying under Baby A. Other than that, the NST went just fine. Both babies were moving and their heartbeats were great. I was also not having any contractions. Now, if they would hook me up to that thing after I walk around Target for an hour or so, then they might find some contractions! When I'm laying around in a recliner, not so much. I guess that's why it's called a non stress test. :)
I didn't see the OB this week. I will see her next week. And after that I will see an OB or an NP every week until the babies are born. Nolan is going to go with me to next week to see the OB. This might be the last time we see her before we have these gals. I want to know how this thing is going to go. I know that sometimes with labor and delivery plans change, but I want to know what is normal for a twin birth. Will there be more than one OB in the room?  How many nurses will be there? I've heard that sometimes contractions stop after the delivery of the first baby, how long will they wait before starting Pitocin? If I go past 38 weeks, will we schedule an induction? If the babies and I are both doing fine, will we wait until after 40 weeks? There are just a few things that I want to check on.
Also, toward the end of last week, I found out that my OB will be on vacation the week of Aug 6-10. That also means she will be gone the weekend before and the weekend after, so I want to make sure that things are written in my chart for whoever is on call while she is gone. Just in case I do have these babies during that time. I guess it might also be a good thing to write up a birth plan, so if I'm in the throws of labor pains, Nolan can be my advocate and make sure that I things go the way I want them to go. Now, everyone and their brother knows that I do NOT want a c section, but if that's what it takes to get these babies here safely, then by all means, cut me open and get em outta there. I'm not risking my babies lives because of the ideal birth I have in my head. But I'm just staying positive that I will have an easy vaginal delivery!!!
I feel like this pregnancy is going to be ending in the next couple of weeks. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions since about 28 weeks. I never had those with Georgia. I've also had other feelings that make me think things are winding down.
So well see what the next week holds and we will keep you updated on all the news and events. We have so many people thinking about us, praying for us and wishing us well with this pregnancy. Thank you all so much. It does take a village to raise a child and we are so glad that you are all apart of that village! So, until next time....

What To Pack??-Baby Addition

While I'm at it, I might as well show you all what I'm packing for these sweet little ladies and their hospital stay. We didn't really pack much for Georgia, only a going home outfit, and we had to call in for additional things to be brought to the hospital...blanket, things that you should bring when you are having a baby. I guess I was pretty clueless about all of that...I just assumed that the hospital would provide her with everything that she needed while there. WRONG!

So this time around, I want my babies to be as comfy as possible. And we are having a fellow photographer friend come and take some photos while we are in the hospital so they might as well have all of their little cute stuff!

Here's the list.....if you have any other suggestions, please suggest away! Oh and remember, this is all times two.

1. Diapers (just a few)-just in case that these little ladies are sensitive to the ones the hospital gives us. But if the hospital diapers seem to be working just fine, we will totally be going with that. With as much as we have paid the hospital in the past year (you know, like paying for nursery care for a dead baby) we are getting as much free stuff as we can!

2. Wipes (a small pack)-for the exact same reason as the diapers, just in case.

3. Tassies-otherwise known as soothers, pacifiers, binkies,....whatever you like to call them. I'm pretty sure that my niece Rylee started calling her pacifier a tassie. It stuck with her little sister Rachel and it stuck with me too. The first time around, I was all for making sure the baby got good at nursing before we introduced the pacifier. But then, she started crying while we were in the hospital and wouldn't stop. Well the nurse gave us a pacifier and Georgia stopped crying. MIRACLE! So, I'm bringing some along this time. The way I see things, these babes are going to figure out where the food is coming from so when they are hungry, they will go for that. And when they need a comfort, they will go for the tassie.

4. Mittens-I don't want to be scratched by their little claws and I don't want them scratching themselves or each other either. Who knows, maybe my kids won't have eagle talons for fingernails, but most do!

5. Hats-A friend of mine works in labor and delivery and she said that it is helpful for their twin babies to wear different colored hats. Helps to tell them apart in the first few days. So, I'm bringing along some hats. I know that they usually give you hats at the hospital, and they will wear those too, but we have some pretty cute ones that are begging to be worn.

6. Blankets-As I've said earlier in this post, the last time we didn't bring much of anything with us. Thankfully someone brought us a gift and it was this wrap style blanket. It kind of makes a baby burrito. It's got this little pocket for the feet and the sides have velcro on them so that you can wrap your baby all nice and comfy cozy. And I'm pretty sure that every newborn in the history of the world likes to be swaddled. And this blanket makes it so easy. So two of those are going in the bag, fo shizzle!

7. Clothes-Some onesies, socks, PJs.....not a lot, just a couple of things each. I would hate for my babies to be nude.....which is how Georgia basically was until we got clothes from home brought to us. Well, she had a shirt and diaper on, but you know how messy babies can be, we needed more stuff!

8. Baby Books-I didn't think about this with Georgia, but it would be nice if their hand prints and foot prints were directly put on the pages of their baby books. And I will be able to write down anything that comes across my mind if I want.

9. Nursing Pillow-This was another item that we had to call for when Georgie was born. I'm only bringing one. I don't think that we will need two at the hospital. Maybe I'm wrong. I know, I'm bringing everything else, why not just bring both Boppys....well, I dunno.

10. Going Home Outfits-Georgia got to wear the dress that I came home from the hospital daddy went and bought it for me. Isn't that sweet? My mom and I went out and found some really cute little dresses for these gals to wear home. I wasn't going to do matching outfits, but the dress I found was so stinkin' cute that I couldn't resist it. And it only came in one color. So they have a matching outfit....I'm not going to be one of those mom's who obsesses about dressing them alike every single day of their lives. Think about it, you might be changing these babies two or three times a day...think of all the laundry....think of all the time!! No way Jose!

11. Car Seats-we have the car seats and they will be squished in the back of my Subaru with Georgia's seat. It'll be a snug ride, that's for sure!

Did I forget something....who knows? I'm sure there will be things that I will say, why the heck didn't I bring this or why in the world DID I bring that. It's never going to be perfect. Hey at least this time I will have some clothes for my babies to wear.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ToT-The Laundry List

This week's ToT post is THE LAUNDRY LIST. Looks like the term laundry list comes from as early as the Civil War. And it is just what it says it is a list of laundry that you would like back after being cleaned. Today we use this term to make a long list of things, they can be related or not. So here goes my laundry list.....

1. We went to Georgia's school last night and met her teacher. She starts Kindergarten on Thursday. I can't believe she is that old. It is seriously unreal. I'm not ready for her to go, but she is ready to go "meet her friends."

2. Pretty sure on Thursday when Georgia and Nolan pull out of the drive way, I'm going to go inside and have a good cry. I'm going to miss hanging out with my little buddy all day!!

3. I hate that Georgia has to wear uniforms to school. We end up paying more because we have to buy uniforms and clothes to wear at other times. She even has to wear white or navy socks. They can't even have a stripe. Seems silly to me. The school says it's because some clothes can be distracting. I dunno, I don't remember being too distracted by the clothing that someone else was wearing. Especially in Kindergarten.

4. I have an OB appointment this afternoon. Its going to take about 2 hours. I hate going to the doctor all the time, but I love seeing what my babies are up to. I just wish it didn't take so long at every appointment. Soon it will be over and I won't be able to type because I will be holding two babies!

5. I'm pretty sure that I'm still in shock about having twins. When will it seem real? Um, not sure. Maybe when they come out crying. Or maybe when I'm up at 2am trying to soothe two babies back to sleep. 

6. I love my dog like a baby. 

7. I hate his barking!!!

8. Yesterday my mom and friend Sarah came over and helped me prepare some meals to put in my freezer. We got about 9 meals prepared. I still have room for some more. So, I'm going to try and make a few more up before these babes get here. Hopefully the work will pay off. 

9. It's hard to fit my lap top on my lap today. 

10. It hurts to walk today. 

11. I'm really glad that I got to spend the weekend with just my hubby. It was nice to hang out with each other, go out to eat, and sleep in without dragging the kiddo along. Although we did miss her a bunch! 

12. I spend too much time on Facebook. I'm addicted, I'll admit it. 

13. I love feeling my babies kick and move.

14. I wish that I was really good at sewing. 

15. I wish that I was really good at knitting. 

16. I'm thankful that my mom has been coming over to help us keep up with the housework. 

17. I think that the funniest thing is the cat falling asleep in the window sill and then falling out of it. She also does that when she falls asleep on the back of the chair. Don't worry, it's not a long fall and she's ok. 

18. I like living close to my family.

19. I wish we lived closer to Nolan's parents and siblings. I like them and Georgia misses her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin and I'm positive that Nolan misses them. 

20. I keep thinking about the victims of the CO shootings. I just can't imagine. 

21. I also keep thinking about the shooters parents and wondering how they are feeling. Again, I just can't imagine.

22. I've really wanted to travel this summer...more than usual. It's probably because I can't travel. It's always the things that you can't do that you want to do the most. 

23. I'm not sure how I'm going to adjust.....I'm going from caring for a 4 year old (almost 5) who does a lot for herself  to caring for TWO infants who can do nothing for themselves. I've been spoiled, that's for sure!!

24. Seeing chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows in semis cruising down the road makes me sad. I just think about the places they are going to and what will happen to them after their little joy ride. I try to buy all my meat and eggs from local responsible farmers. I would like to buy dairy this way too, but right now it's just not in the budget. 

25. I cringe at the thought that I might have to have a C section birth with these twins. Georgia's delivery was  not that bad and I was back on my feet the next morning (she was born at 11:20pm) with no pain meds. I feel like I got cheated on Violet's birth since, well, to be blunt, she wasn't alive and I had to labor and deliver her. So I think that the universe needs to pay me back for that and let me have an easy delivery with both of these gals. 

26. That being said, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that my babies get here safe and sound. And if that means having a c section, then I'll do it. 

27. I'm terrible at mailing things. I have a few items that have been sitting by the front door, ready to mail but I haven't take them to the post office. I have such good intentions but sometimes I fail!

28. I really wish the nursery was completed. It's almost done. And I hate waiting for Nolan to do things. It's not that he just isn't doing it, there are other things that need to be done and if the babies don't have clouds hanging then they will be fine. Maybe this weekend it will get finished!

29. My flower beds have been taken over by weeds. Well, just the ones in the back yard. I wish that I was able to get out there and make it look pretty, but if I bend down for too long I might not get back up and the heat makes you dread going I guess this year it will just have to look crappy. Maybe in the fall I'll get out there and make it look better.....with all my free time, right?

30. I love that Georgia makes up songs and sings them to herself when she is playing. It's cute. 

31. I miss my small group from church and wish that we would have another meal together before our babies come. We have taken an unintentional break this summer. Everyone is just busy, but I miss our conversations and time together.

32. I think that it's cool that Georgia wants to be a Paleontologist when she grows up. She is in love with dinosaurs right now. 

33. I've been craving Italian food for a few weeks now. I haven't eaten any because I'm watching my carbs due to the gestational diabetes. So, one of my first meals after I deliver these girls better be some pasta!

34. I strongly dislike MOST board games. 

35. My husband has a board game obsession. 

36. I love summer, but with this heat, I can't wait until fall. I can deal with upper 80s even a few days in the 90s, but it's just too hot to do a darn thing right now. I hate that Georgia and I have spent most of the summer indoors. I swell up like a balloon if I'm outside for too long. 

37. I like the idea of camping except for sleeping in a tent. I hate sleeping in a tent. 

38. I hate all of the Facebook talk about how the Colorado shooter was within his rights to purchase those guns and ammo. I don't really care if it was done legally or not, it shouldn't be legal to purchase so much stuff like that. Who needs that? No one. And if you say that you need it to protect yourself then I think you are nuts....SORRY.  And if you say that it wasn't the gun, it was the shooter who is to blame...well duh, but that doesn't change a darn thing, there should be more regulations on gun laws. AND if you say that criminals don't obey laws, well at least we aren't just handing the guns out to them just because they can pay for it. I wonder what all of those people who are all up in arms about their precious gun laws would think if it was their wife, husband, son, daughter, friend, whoever that was killed by this guy. Would their opinion be different then?

39. I sometimes wish that I could just take a year to travel and photograph all the amazing places that I go. Maybe in retirement Nolan and I will do something like that. Right now, I need to be a mom and be responsible and you know what, that is fine too. 

40. I am most comfortable sleeping at night after I've showered and if there are clean sheets on the bed. We change our sheets a lot because of that. It just makes me feel so relaxed!

41. I complain a lot about the randomness of gas prices. I mean really, I was just out at saw at least 4 different prices. The highest was $3.59 and the lowest $3.23.....come on, there is not that much of a difference an no need for the spike in price. I just don't believe it. 

42. I also don't believe that President Obama has anything to do with gas prices. 

43. I also don't believe that President Obama is the devil, or that he has some insane socialist agenda, or that our country is going down in flames as we speak because of him. I don't get the fear that people live in because he is our president. Its silly to me. Why live in fear? 

44. I also don't think that President Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I like him and I'll probably vote for him again, but I don't think he's the best thing ever. 

45. I also don't believe that President Bush was the devil. Did I like him as our president, no. Did I agree with a lot of things he did as president, no. Did I live in fear because he was our president, NO!  I just assume that our country will survive the massive debt that we are in partly because of the wars that he declared and that someday the recession that started when he was in office will end. Why not think positive?

46. I love it when I see that our recycling can is over flowing. I'm so glad that all of that is going somewhere else other than a landfill. 

47. When I see large boxes and other things that could be recycled sitting out in my neighbors trash can, I want to stop by and pick it up and put it in my recycle can....I never do though, I might get a nickname like the crazy lady that recycles everything. Hmmm, I guess it could be worse. 

48. I collect cookie jars. I don't know why. I have some pretty cool ones, new and old. And I don't have cookie in any of them.

49. I got to see my babies today and that hear their heartbeats. That made me really happy!

50. My hubby just walked in the part of my day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

What To Pack????

I've been thinking that I should start this packing for the hospital thing. With twins you just really never know....they could come tomorrow, they could come next week or they could come in 4 weeks.....who knows. Only God and them, I suppose.

I googled "what to pack for the hospital" but then realized that instead of searching through all of these pages to find the best list, why not go to Pinterest.....isn't that what Pinterest is kind of all about? I mean, people find these great things and "pin it" and then you can look it up. Genius!

So, I headed over to Pinterest and found some pretty good lists. The best one I found was this one......

Pregnant Chicken

It could be because I found her post HILARIOUS in some the section about the gum. I don't think Nolan would appreciate me saying that to him. I'm not even sure what that smells like, and I'm positive that I don't want to know! But anyway, I would hate to say something offensive. 

Also I polled my Facebook friends....I mean, it's been 5 years since I did this. I have several friends who just had a baby. So I thought, who better to ask, these gals have just been through it. The most common answer was chap stick, followed closely by hair ties. I can see both of those things being necessities! 

So, what am I packing? Well, I took the list from pregnant chicken and picked out what I thought I would need the most and I added a few suggestions from friends and family and I had a few of my own things that I felt were pretty important. So here we go....

1. Pillow-I did take my own pillow when I was at the hospital with Georgia. It's helpful. I did not take one when I was at the hospital with Violet and while I really wasn't sleeping and really didn't care about anything else at that time, I do remember being uncomfortable and my neck hurting a bit. I'm going to recommend that Nolan take his own pillow too. Although, he can sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime and under any condition, he might as well be as comfortable as possible. 

2. Flip Flops-I already bought a brand new pair before even looking at any list. This was something that I didn't take the first time or the second time around. It will be nice for the shower and to slip on to walk around the room. 

3. Warm Socks-I have two pair of brightly colored warm socks that Georgia got me for Christmas last year and I think that these will be perfect. My feet get cold and if I remember correctly, the hospital is about the same temperature as a meat locker. I think they have the thermostat set on deep freeze at Community North. Now my little toes will be toasty warm!

4. Nursing Bra and Nursing Tanks-well we all know what these are for and I'm a modest gal for the most part. I don't want anything showing while friends and family are in the room. I remember feeling like I didn't care who saw what after Georgia was born....I had just given birth for goodness sake, who cares about anything else? But then the next day rolled around and visitors came a that time, I was ready to be modest again. 

5. Nursing Gown-the first time around I packed a couple of different gowns and wore those all the time. I think this time I will only be wearing the gowns at night and change into some comfy, but real clothes during the day. After Violet was delivered, I did get out of bed and change into some real clothes and it made me feel more human. A change of clothes might not make me feel more human after having twins, but it can't hurt. So, I will still pack a nursing gown or two, because I don't want to wear those terrible hospital gowns after labor. YUCK!!!

6. Robe-I like to be cozy. I like to be wrapped up. I took a robe with me when I had Georgia and it was so nice to have. Again the modesty thing. If we have some late night or early morning visitors, I can always wrap up in my robe and things are all good! 

7. Underwear-yep, those mesh ones the hospital gives you serve a purpose, but after a day of wearing those, I'm ready for a good ol' pair of cotton undies. 

8. Pads?-I'm on the fence about this one. I'm all about using the free stuff from the hospital, but really it feels like you are walking with a pillow between your legs. So, I will probably pack some. They don't take up much room so why not?

9. Nursing Pads-again, why not? It's better to have them than not I say. 

10. Toiletries-it's always better to use my own shampoo, conditioner and whatever else. So this is a must for me. Plus my hair is crazy and my skin is sensitive. I would rather have stuff that I know will chill out my frizzy hair and not make my skin red. 

11. Nipple Cream-AGAIN, why not? I've heard that it's just best to start using this right away to prevent's certainly not going to hurt anything, but not using it could certainly hurt a lot!!!!

12. Gum-as advised by Pregnant Chicken, I will bring gum. Not only for myself but for my dear loving hubby who I would hate to accuse of having dragon breath in the middle of labor. I think all parties will be happy it's there. 

13. Snacks-this will be good for Daddy and if I deliver late in the night, like I did with Georgia, I don't want to get stuck with a gross sandwich that was made 3 days ago or something like that. Georgia was born at 11:20pm so by the time that everything was said and done I was STARVED! I had been in labor since 6pm or so the night before. I do remember Nolan's mom fixing us eggs the next morning, but I don't remember eating a lot that day. I mean, when you are having contractions, eating is not really on your mind-at least it wasn't on my mind. But my point is, I ended up eating some lunch meat sandwich and applesauce after Georgia was born because I was famished. And it wasn't the most appealing meal, so having something with us will solve that problem. 

14. Magazines or Book-I remember taking a book with me for Georgia's birth, but I never opened a page. Now the thought of a People magazine or something that I could just flip through while playing the waiting game of labor might be a good idea. So, I can catch up on all the celeb gossip and not have to think too much about's something to pass the time. 

15. ID and Insurance Card-DON'T FORGET!

16. Techie Stuff-all that stuff that I just NEED! Nolan and I both have laptops. Not sure if we will bring both or just mine. Lots of times we bring both when we go away from the house for an extended period of time. We are spoiled. I will also probably bring my MP3 player and some head phones. When I was in labor with Georgia the Cubs were on TV. I didn't care, but it might have been nice to listen to some music instead of watching the game. Our cell phones and a charger are a must have. It's not like we go anywhere with out them anyway. AND you all know that I will be bringing my camera and it's charger. Can you imagine if I forgot that? Someone would totally be making a trip to my house to snag it for me!!!

17. Going Home Outfit-something comfy for myself to pants and comfy shirt, maybe a cotton dress since it mostly likely will be hotter than a goat in a pepper patch that day. (I got that little saying from the radio...cracked me up!)

18. Outfits For Hospital Stay-like I mentioned before, a couple of pairs of pants and some shirts will be nice to have to help me feel normal again. 

19. Gift For The Nurses-this was mentioned by Pregnant Chicken and I think it's a fantastic idea. These nurses do SO MUCH and most of it can be kind of gross. It seems like a little bit of candy can go a long way to brighten their day and to shout out a big ol' THANK YOU!

So I don't know...I feel like I'm going to be taking enough stuff for a week long stay. I hope it's not a week long stay, that's for sure. And while some of the stuff I might not need or use, I feel like it's better to bring it along than to be there in the midst of everything and think, dang I wish I had a People magazine to look at.

You'll notice that not everything I listed is in the photos...all that stuff will just have to be packed when it's time to go!

Julien Family Photos

My last photo session  before maternity leave....ahhhhhh. I was actually surprised at how active I still was towards the end of June. I was still climbing all about, rolling around on the ground, squatting and doing pretty much what ever it took to get the best shot possible without hurting myself!

This was my first time meeting the Julien family and what a great family they are. My hubby knows Bobbi from work and that is how we connected.

We showed up at Coxhall Gardens on a Saturday evening to do the photos in the children's garden there. Well, the calendar for Coxhall Gardens did NOT show that there would be an adult only cocktail party in the children's garden. Who throws a cocktail party in a children's garden??? Well, I guess the friend's of Coxhall Gardens do.

We were able to work around the cocktail party and go to another part of the park to do the photos. Whew, glad we didn't have to change locations at the last minute!

Here are a few of the photos we were able to get that day.

I had a lovely time with a lovely family! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

34 weeks Smooth Sailing

34 weeks people. That is where we are at in this pregnancy. 34 LONG weeks. Actually, it really hasn't been that bad. I thought that this pregnancy would seem to take longer since I have been a little nervous at times because of my pregnancy with Violet. But really, the weeks have gone by pretty fast and they seem to be getting faster as we are approaching 38 weeks (I don't think that my OB is letting me go past 38 weeks). It seems there is so much to do and so little time. And I get tired easily, so that makes it hard to get things done. Nolan or my mom has to do them if I'm too tired and well, they both know that I'm picky and some things are just better to wait for me.

I have been procrastinating setting up the nursery. I think because that was one thing that I was so glad we didn't do before Violet's death. We had been talking about it and thinking about it, but just hadn't gotten around to it. It would have been almost too much to come home, no longer pregnant, but without a baby and have a nursery to look at everyday. And at times random, stupid thoughts creep into your think, "if we buy these cribs, our babies are going to die." Now, you know that buying cribs has nothing to do with dead babies, but in your messed up little mind it does, at least for a few minutes. It's those thoughts that you have to push back and promise yourself that you are never going to think about something that silly again.

So, for those of you who are wondering, Nolan and I have been working hard on a nursery for these babies. Our babies will have a place to sleep when they come home from the hospital. And they have clothes, diapers, car seats, blankets and toys. And, at least I have been having a good time putting it all together. Now that doesn't mean that those pesky little thoughts don't creep back into my mind, but I've gotten good and telling them to BACK OFF and let me have this.....I'm not going to live in fear of losing my babies. But the room is almost done, just a couple more things and then I will be showing off photos of the room I created....with the help of Pinterest.

For our weekly update.......

First of all, Monday I went back to the hematologist's office. I was able to see Dr Walling and was told that my levels sky rocketed with just 3 infusions and I would not need any more unless I was feeling bad. I have been feeling pretty good since the middle of last week, so I decided not to get a 4th infusion, and the doc was perfectly fine with that decision. So, I don't have to go back to that office unless I start feeling crummy again. THANK GOODNESS. It's not that I didn't really like most of the people that I met on my visits there, its just that it took so long at every. single. appointment. For those of you that want to know all the medical stuff, on 7/2 my Ferritin level was at 10 and on 7/13 it was at 259. This is what let Dr Walling know that I have enough iron in my blood and that I should be just fine delivering these babies.

Today, I went for my long appointment at the OB office.....ultrasound, NST and appointment with the OB. I'm usually there for about 3 hours or more on days like these.

My ultrasound showed that both babies are still VERY low and still head down....ready to make an escape! Baby A's heartbeat was at 130 and she is weighing in at 5lbs 2oz! Woot, woot! Baby B's heartbeat was 146 and also weighs 5lbs 2oz. Both babies gained almost a pound in 2 weeks....they were just a couple ounces shy. They are in the 49th percentile right now, which is great for twins! My ultrasound tech is just amazed at how close in weight they have been the entire pregnancy. They have never been more than a few ounces different than one another. This is just an estimate on their weight so we won't know for sure how close they are until their little bodies are placed on the scale.

All the other measurements looked normal for their gestational age and their organs looked good as well. Baby A was snoozing during most of the ultrasound. That is normal for her, especially when my ultrasounds are in the morning. Baby B was wide awake after feeling the pressure on my tummy. She did her breathing exercises soon after waking up and was able to give some good kicks and jabs to so the tech that she was still doing just fine in the womb. Baby A, well, she took her own sweet time waking up. It didn't seem to matter if she was poked, jiggled, kicked by her sister, or had a horn sounding off near her head....she was NOT going to wake until she was darn good and ready.

After almost an hour of letting her sleep, the tech suggested that I get up and go to the bathroom. Then she could do my cervical check and after that she would check Baby A one last time. If she wasn't moving around she was going to fail two parts of her test for the day. Which that would probably mean that I would be heading over to the hospital for more tests....that is the last thing that I wanted. And really, I felt that she was not in any kind of distress, she was just sleeping. She really is a little more active in the afternoon, but mostly in the evening after dinner until I go to bed. And sometimes I feel her moving around when I wake up in the middle of the night to turn over or get up to make a trip to the potty. If I could only have my ultrasound done around 9pm, I'm sure that things would look fantastic every single time. Anyway, I did what she asked and when I came out of the bathroom I told her that usually when I lay on my right side, Baby A moves around a lot more than when I lay on my back. So she did the cervical check and then entire time I was rubbing and pushing on my belly where Baby A lays and hoping that she would start moving a bit more and do those breathing exercises like she was supposed to be doing. Like I said, I wasn't nervous, I just didn't want to be at the office longer than I had to be there. After finishing the cervical check she went back to look at Baby A. She was moving a bit....waking up it seemed. And she started to do her breathing exercises. But then she stopped. But before she could go back to dreamland, I turned on my right side and low and behold, she started kicking around and doing those wish was granted! She passed all her tests! It took a while, but the tech was pleased with what she saw.

My cervical length is still holding strong at 2.6 cm. The ultrasound tech was amazed at how I'm keeping these babies in my body since they are both so low and Baby A's head is just pushing on my cervix. I guess most ladies wouldn't be so lucky. And she also said that after today's visit they wouldn't be measuring my cervix anymore because now is the time when it should start to get shorter and I should be preparing to have babies in the next couple of weeks.

Next I was off for my NST. Beatrice was waiting for me, so I got back right away....that's what I like! She was able to find heartbeats right away for both babies. The babies did great with their heartbeats and all of their movement. Also there were no signs of contractions. Fantastic.

After the NST was signed off by my OB, Beatrice told me that they were ready for my office visit. Things were just moving right along this morning.....such a nice feeling! I wasn't seeing my regular OB because she was too booked, but I was seeing another OB, Dr Stuhldreher. She was the OB that confirmed Violet's death and admitted me to the hospital because my OB was out of the office that day. When she came into the office she said, "nice to meet you." I wasn't sure if she just said that or if she didn't remember who I was. I didn't say anything because well, those just aren't great memories.

She went over all the tests that I had done that morning. She talked about how both babies looked great. She was impressed with their weight. She said that I should continue with the modified bed rest that Dr Voelkel suggested two weeks ago. Although, she did say that after about a week or so, I could resume any activity that I wanted because my babies would be coming anytime at that point and it would be fine.

One thing I had her do before I left was measure my belly. Folks have been asking how many weeks ahead I'm measuring so I figured I could now answer their question......and the answer is.........I measure about 38 weeks and I'm actually 34 1/ I'm measuring about 3 1/2 weeks ahead. Not too shabby for twins!

After that I was able to go home! Yea! All in all it was an easy appointment and I got through it all relatively quickly. Now I have to get on with packing a bag and finishing a nursery and getting the house in order. Did you know that the babies needed my laundry room to be cleaned out? Well they did. And last week they wanted my hall closet to be cleaned out and organized. So, I did what every good mother does, I cleaned out the hall closet. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be resting, right? DANG!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Scream You Scream We All Scream For......

ICE CREAM! It's National Ice Cream Day......It's time to celebrate the greatness of ice cream people. Everyone make sure you have some form of this delicious treat.....homemade, soft serve, shakes, sundaes, and even a banana split (but really why would you ruin good ice cream with a banana?).

So raise your cones high and toast with me to ice cream!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

33 weeks.....Geez, Can She Do Anymore Complaining?

Just a quick update....I'm now 33 weeks and 6 days into this twin pregnancy. And really, things couldn't be going much better. I'm just so glad that things are going smoothly. Since I've read about every little thing that could go wrong with twin pregnancy, it seems that I'm just sitting here waiting for them all to happen. I have to keep reminding myself that my pregnancy with Georgia was completely NORMAL. She was a healthy 9lb 3oz baby. I was able to deliver her without much problem and had minimal discomfort after delivery. The nurses kept asking me, "are you sure you don't want any pain medication, you just delivered a 9lb baby?" But I was fine....she was fine.

I went for my appointments this week and here's the nitty gritty......

Actually let's go back a little bit to last Friday. I was supposed to start my iron infusions that day. And everything went according to plan. I did get a call from the hematologist's office to let me know the results of my blood work that I had done earlier in the week. My hemoglobin and iron levels were up significantly, but still below normal. She recommended that I still have the iron infusion done. The reason why is that one test that was done shows the level that my body is producing iron (I think this is right....I'm not sure that I really know what the heck I'm talking about...the phone call was quick and they were using all sorts of terms that I have no idea about) and this was waaaay higher than it should have been. That shows that while my levels are up, my body is working too hard to keep them that way. Anyway, I was sold that I needed the infusion before the results even came back. It's what my OB recommended and since I was already starting to dilate, I kind of feel like a ticking time bomb so why not get as much iron in me as I can before these babies decide they want out of their cozy little home. But one piece of good news is that instead of the 6 infusions that I was originally planning on, the hematologist thinks that maybe 3 will do the trick. Yea! Fingers crossed that she's right!

So on Friday afternoon, I head over to the hospital to have my infusion done. When I'm called back, I get this nice little room with a recliner and a TV. Lucy, my RN for the afternoon, gets me all set up with my IV (the medication looks like coffee going straight into my veins) and I take a nap and then watch Ellen. Before I know it, it's after 4:30 and I'm all done. Time to go home. My IV was placed on the side of my wrist and it was very sore. It continued to be sore that night and the next morning, but was fine by the afternoon. So, no major complaints about that at all. Things went really well in my opinion. And while I was there all the nurses were fawning over me. Once they found out that I was having twins, they all came in to talk to me and ask me about the babies. They are very sweet and caring ladies. And really, they have to be, most of the people there are not getting iron infusions. See, the this is also the cancer center, so many of the folks there were getting their chemo treatments or other things to do with their disease. So it must be nice to have someone in there who is just getting iron and doesn't have a life threatening disease. Also while I was there a woman had her last cancer treatment. They have a bell that they ring and a little poem to say about their last treatment and the journey to recovery. It was so sweet. She was crying and talking about the wonderful doctors and staff. Her family was there photographing the moment. It was all so touching. They were bringing this pregnant lady to tears.

Monday, back at the hematologist's office for another infusion. I didn't get back right away like I did the first time. I waited about 45 minutes in the lobby before my name was called. I try not to get too worked up about that kind of stuff. I know that the staff wants to get me back there as quickly as they can. The longer I'm there, the longer they are there too. Lucy was my nurse again and she got me hooked up right away with my IV and the iron. This time a little private room was not available so I was put in a room with about 4 other chairs. There was no one else there so it was fine. Really it would have been just fine if there were people there, I don't really care. I suppose if I felt really bad, I might want a room all to myself. And once again, I had my own little TV to watch. There was more noise out in this area since it was next to the nurses station, but again, not a big deal. I was able to do the same thing that I did the last time....take a little nap and watch a little TV. The entire appointment took longer because I had to wait, but Georgia was with my mom and it really wasn't a big deal. My mom was able to take her to swim lessons and stay with her as long as I needed her too. And again, my only real complaint was that my wrist was sore. The first time it was my right wrist, this time it was my left. The left hurt worse than the right. Not sure why, it just did. It was sore for a couple of days.

Tuesday I headed to the OB office. I had appointments for an ultrasound and NST (non stress test) for the afternoon. I usually plan on being at the OB office for about 2-2 1/2 hours when I go for these two tests. Thank goodness I wasn't seeing the OB otherwise I would be there longer.

As always my ultrasound was first. Both babies look great. Both heartbeats were strong and clear. We usually start with Baby A, but Baby was already doing her breathing exercises when the ultrasound started so Vicki just started with her. It's really interesting to watch them do these exercises. In the ultrasound, I can see their diaphragms move up and down. So they are inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid just to practice for when they take their first breath after birth. Vicki did all of our normal measurements and tests and everything was fine, but we had to wait on Baby A to wake up. She's a sound sleeper I suppose. We saw her moving around a little bit on the screen, but Vicki wanted to see some good kicks out of her. Vicki has this little horn, along the lines of a slightly muted air horn. She put that up to my belly and pushed the button a couple of times. That really didn't wake her up well enough to start kicking. What did wake her up was her sister. Baby B started wiggling and kicking and that got Baby A going. So Vicki was pleased with their movements and measurements, they both got outstanding marks for their 33 week ultrasound.

I usually don't have my cervix measured every week. Since there was such a big change last week and since I've started dilating, Dr Voelkel wants that to be done every week now, just to make sure things are staying the same. And things were pretty much the same. Thank goodness there is nothing new to report on that and the babies should be staying put for a few more weeks.

Next I went for my NST. Beatrice was able to find heartbeats right away and I was left to relax, listen to the heartbeats and push my little button to count the kicks. After a little while Beatrice came back and said that things looked really good, but she wanted to get Baby A to move around more. She also has one of those muted air horns and this time, it got Baby A's attention. After that, there were good movements from both babies. The NST also monitors if I'm having contractions, there are still no least not when I'm doing the NST. I do notice Braxton Hicks contractions every now and then, but that is normal at this stage in pregnancy and is not a sign of labor.....just your body preparing for labor!

Wednesday I went back for my third (and hopefully LAST) iron infusion. This time was not a real great. First  I wait in the lobby for about 30 minutes before I'm called back. Lucy wasn't my RN this time, I should have known that was a bad sign. I was put into an exam room that was about the size of a closet. I was told that this is where I would have my infusion because no beds were available. WHAT? So my choices were to sit on the exam table with no arm rests or back support or to sit in a wooden arm chair. Um, are you kidding me??? Really, these are the best choices for a pregnant lady who is supposed to be at home resting??? Not really patient focused medicine, more like, lets cram as many people back here so we don't have to stay late. I chose to sit in the arm chair because at least I had some back support and an arm rest so my arm wouldn't dangle there with the IV in it. I asked for a pillow to prop my arm up a little more since, believe it or not, the wooden arm rest was NOT comfortable. So my RN finds me a pillow and I am squished into this chair with my large pregnant with twins belly and a pillow.....yea, we hardly fit. And my back was already hurting and the twins feet were up in my ribs and the thought of sitting there for 2 hours doing my infusion made me want to cry. After placing the IV, I looked at my nurse and told her that there was no way this was going to work. I was ready to walk out and reschedule for a different day. I was seriously on the brink of tears and saw how upset I was about this situation and said, "let me see if I can find you a recliner." Um yea, why don't you go and check that out. After a few minutes, she "found" me a recliner and I was moved. PTL (for those of you that don't know, Praise The Lord).

So, after the IV line gets started, the nurse orders your medicine from the pharmacy. I'm not sure why my nurse didn't order my medicine when she went to find me a different chair, but I after I moved, I waited for another 30 minutes or so before the medicine was I had been there for a grand total of 90 minutes before my infusion started. And the infusions take 2 hours. I was not happy. AND, while I'm complaining, the only thing that I asked for was a glass of water. I asked for that when I got to my seat and she brought it to me 30 minutes later when she hooked up my medicine. I think that she may have been kind of new. She wasn't really confident placing the IV, she seemed pretty nervous about the entire process. She didn't get the IV hooked up correctly and the medicine leaked all over the pillow. So, I feel kind of bad if I was a problem patient and she was new, but at the same time I don't really feel that bad because she needs to know that it's not OK to leave an extremely pregnant woman in a wooden chair for over two hours. It's just not cool.

Just a bit more complaining to do.....once 4:30 rolled around (I still had an hour to go on my infusion) I heard my nurse ask another RN if it was OK for her to leave. She didn't even come over and ask me if I needed anything before she left, heck she never even told me that she was leaving. Usually when someone else is taking over your care, you are told who you can ask if you need something. Nope. I was just left there. And to make matters worse the old woman sitting next to me had the remote control and she kept channel flipping. There were three of us watching one TV and not once did she ask if we minded that she changed the channel. It was just a little rude. And she decided on some terrible movie with Alicia Silverstone!

For the most part, 33 weeks has been really good. Sorry about all the complaining. It really was just one bad appointment, but it kind of leaves a bad impression on you. Tomorrow will be 34 weeks.....I go back for blood work at the hematologist office tomorrow and then on Monday I have an appointment with the hematologist to discuss the results and if I need more infusions they are already set up for next week and if I don't need them, they will be canceled and I will be done with all that. YEAH! I also have another OB appointment on Tuesday, and hopefully that gives more good news.

Thanks for reading these updates and keeping track of this pregnancy. I'm ready to meet these little girls and stop going to the doctor all the time!!! Hopefully soon both of those things will happen!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Miss Olivia Turns 3

Last year I had the pleasure of taking Miss Olivia's 2 year photographs. She is the daughter of one of my former coworkers. And she is loads of fun.

When I arrived as Coxhall Garden's Olivia greeted me with a big smile and hello. She kept calling me Fancy Nancy, which was fine by me, I love Fancy Nancy!

Olivia has a lot of spunk and personality and I think that shows in her photographs. What a fun morning photographing this cutie!

What a beauty!

Shannon and Lyle Engagement Photos

My friend Shannon finally set a date for her wedding! She and her long time boyfriend Lyle were finally getting hitched and making it legal. As a gift to them, I offered to do some engagement photos. So one afternoon we headed to downtown Indy and found some great photo spots around Mass Ave.

Congrats and best wishes to the lovely couple!

Alex's Senior Photos

I was approached in the spring to do a photo shoot for someone that I had never met. This would be a first for me. I had never photographed anyone that I didn't know already. I really wanted this to work out, but I was also really nervous about it. What if it didn't go well? What if the client and I didn't warm up to each other? What if, what if, what if.

My friend Anna, told one of her coworkers about me. This coworker was trying to help find a photographer for her granddaughter's senior photos. So one day I get a random email from a gal that I didn't know about doing her daughter's senior photos and that Anna recommended me. Wow! Thanks Anna!

After a couple of months of emails back and forth we nailed down and date, time and location. We were having the session at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (the IMA) and I began to think of all the different places on the grounds to take photos. I've taken Georgia's photos there a couple of times and I took my nephew's engagement photos there. The grounds are just beautiful. I was so pleased to be going there again to photograph. It's hard to get a bad photo when you're there!

Meeting with Alex I knew right away that she already had plenty of ideas about her photos and the look she was going to try a achieve from them. That was great for me. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get clients to pose or look a certain way or to try and figure out what kind of photographs they want. This was totally not the case with Alex. And that made the session really easy for me!! Bonus!

Below are some of my favorites from the shoot. It was hard to narrow down...there are so many good photos of the beautiful young woman. This was one shoot where I felt like I did an awesome job as a photographer. It just all came together and turned out so great.

Shea Family Photos

I've been a little bit behind with my photography blogging. I've been too busy blogging about babies and other things that this got put on the back burner.

 I was able to work until the end of June, like I wanted, but I had to stop booking sessions because my anemia was making it too hard to do the sessions.

In May I had a session with the Shea Family. I met Jessica and Dustin through my friends from church Katherine and Rachael. Katherine and Rachael went to school with Jessica and they are all now living in the Indy area. So I've been at parties and dinners with Jessica and Dustin several times.

Jessica and Dustin are a sweet couple who added Cameron to their lives a year ago. These family photos were celebrating his first year of life and their first year as a family of 3. The whole family is laid back and easy going, so they were great fun to photograph.

And Cameron, well, he is such a handsome fellow. He's got these blue eyes that just make you want to melt. 

And I found out that he loves to play with a ball. So the squeaky ball I brought to get his attention worked really well that he had to have it otherwise it brought a tear to his eye!! I couldn't let that happen, so I let him play ball as much as he wanted during the shoot!