Sunday, February 24, 2013

day #51 ANOTHER new book, WHAT?

day #51

This morning at church this book was handed to us. My sweet friend Ann made a comment on Facebook about this Mo Willems book. And then commented that we are BIG Mo Willems fans at our house but we have never heard of this book and we would have to get it from the library sometime soon. I mean, we just love Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggy and the Pigeon books. And after hearing about our love for Mo Willems, Ann brought this book for us. And it's not just to borrow, it's to keep. 

Thank you Ann!!

day #50 rock star

day #50

Georgia was invited to go to the yearly carnival at her cousin's school. She has gone for the past couple of years, but this year, she was allowed to walk around with her cousins for a couple of hours. They treat her like a little sister and take great care of her. I had no problem letting her run off with them. 
These were her favorite prizes from the day. The pink inflatable dolphin she has named Squeaks. She also has back scratcher in her other hand. And then if you missed them, those rock star sunglasses are pretty spectacular. 

This is pretty much how things run at our house. Rock n Roll!!!!

Hmmmm, just a thought.....or two....or three.

I'm thinking about doing a weekly or biweekly post about some of the different recipes that I try out. I was thinking about sharing the recipe, my thoughts about cooking, what we thought about the taste and a photo. I really like to cook and I'm not afraid to try new things out so I thought, why not blog about it. I might be able to pass something on. And it would make sure that I'm trying out new things and not getting stuck in a recipe rut. 

I am also thinking about doing something similar for the ideas/crafts that I find on Pinterest. If you don't know about Pinterest, it's an online pin board with about a million and one ideas. You can get recipes, plan a party, decorate your house, learn how to do a French braid, get a pattern to sew a dress for your daughter, or learn how to build a table out of reclaimed wood. You can find out how to do or make just about anything here. ANYWAY, I personally have about 10 thousand ideas that I'm wanting to try out. I thought about sharing those on here too. 

Something else that I'm toying with is the idea of doing a little recap of our weeks on Saturdays. Maybe a little list of 6 things that happened this week....maybe call it Saturday's didn't see that coming did you? So clever...not really, but just humor me. It's just one more way for me to remember what all we've been up to. 

And lastly, since the twins were born in Aug I've lost about 34 lbs. I attribute most of that to breast feeding since I haven't been doing very much exercise. And I lost most of it within the first month of their birth. And actually, I'm back down to the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with them (and on good days, I'm a few pounds lighter). Here's the thing though, when I got pregnant with the twins, I was not at a weight that I desired to be at. I only had about a month long break between the end of my pregnancy with Violet and the beginning of my pregnancy with the twins. And our wonderful friends brought us so many delicious meals after Violet's death. Delicious chocolate cakes, delicious cheesy casseroles, delicious meaty stews, delicious homemade bread (yes, I remember all of you and your delicious comfort food). And needless to say, I just ate my sorrows away. So the # on the scale just got higher and higher. I was just starting to get back into a workout routine and paying a bit more attention to what I was eating when I found out I was pregnant. So, I would like to drop about 20 lbs. I would be happy with that. I would feel better about myself, I'm sure. I would like to get back to the point where running 3 miles is no big deal....running at all is a big deal right now. And I was going to Yoga 1 or 2 times per week, I would like to start that again. Before I felt strong and now I just feel dumpy. I thought by blogging about it, it would keep me accountable. Also when I'm feeling frustrated (which anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that there are many frustrating times) I can go back look at my progress. 

So, what do you think about these ideas. Are they blog worthy? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

day #49 Ice Ice Baby

day #49
We had a bit of an ice storm here last night. Things were pretty slick. Georgia had a two hour delay this morning. I was actually pretty shocked about that. They NEVER have delays. I actually just assumed that they just didn't do delays, that it would have to be bad enough to close school. Well anyway, we got a phone call at 5 AM letting us know that there was going to be a 2 hour delay. Many of the schools in the area were closed today due to the ice. 

This is my car covered in ice.

Nolan, scraping the ice off of his car before taking Georgia to school. Thank goodness he has a job where he could work from home this morning. Otherwise, I would have to get out with the twins to take Georgia to school. YUCK! 

Since Georgia's school was open for classes
Here is a layer of ice on our weeping cherry tree.

today, I had to venture out and pick her up. 
I got both girls ready to go and headed out, 
carefully, to the car. When I got in the car and 
turned the key....NOTHING. Georgia has a 
bad habit of leaving the dome light on. Well, 
I couldn't go get her so I called my mom. 
Luckily, she was already out and was able to 
go and pick her up for me. On my way back 
into the house I was carrying June in her car
seat and all of the sudden my butt was on the 
ground. That smarted for sure! I'm still sore! What hurt the most was my pride as the teenager across the street watched me fall on my keester!

day #48 Pennies For Patients

day #48

Georgia's school is raising money for Leukemia patients at Riley Hospital. The program is called Pennies for Patients. Her class learned all about Leukemia. One night after her bath she was noticing the bruises on her legs. They are normal kid bruises from running into things and falling down. Nothing out of the ordinary. She comments on how many bruises she has and then she looks at me with fear in her eyes and says, "Maybe I have Leukemia!" I reassured her and told her that I didn't think she had Leukemia that these were just normal bruises from being a kid. I asked her if she knew that people could die from Leukemia and she said yes. She also told me that is why she needs to raise money to help them. It amazes me how much this little 5 year old knows and how compassionate she is....she's a good kid.

day #47 who eats all this stuff?

day #47

This is the latest supply of baby food that I just bought. Target was have a sale and I stocked up a little bit. It's amazing how fast we go through this stuff. In this photo there are 56 pouches of baby food. These girls go through 4-8 pouches a day. You do the math and see how many days this is going to last. Really, you do the math because I'm too tired to figure it out. (I really can figure this out on my own....I don't need you to figure it out!)

And over the next month or so the girls pediatrician wants me to add another feeding with baby food so we will be going through even more of this stuff. 

day #46 pinch pot

day #46

This is a pinch pot. Georgia made this in art class. She has been talking about it for weeks now. She told me how they molded it out of clay and then they had to wait for the pots to dry. When they were completely dry, they got to paint them. She has been anxiously waiting to take hers home. 

When she got in the car at the end of her school day, she wanted me to get it out of her bag right away. She didn't want to wait until she got home. And she made sure to tell me to be very careful with it because it could break if it was dropped. Then she told me about how her friend Evalynn dropped hers at school and it broke. I knew how much Georgia was looking forward to bringing her pinch pot home and showing off her hard work so it made me feel really bad for Evalynn. I asked Georgia if Evalynn was upset and she said yes. She also said that Evalynn took the pieces home so that she could have her mom glue it back together. I hope that it worked! 

day #45 New Book

day #45

Georgia got a Valentine in the mail from her Great Aunt Esther. Inside the card were Snoopy stickers (which where a big hit by the way) and a gift card for Barnes and Noble. Georgia was out of school for President's Day and we ventured out to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book. This is what she decided on, Press Here. She has seen this book before and it made a big impact on her. When she saw it at the book store she immediately knew that this was what she wanted more than anything. And I was pleased because it wasn't a princess book or something like that! 
And to top off the afternoon outing we were able to meet Nolan for lunch. So, we got out of the house for a bit, enjoyed the sunshine despite the windy conditions, got a good book and met the man of the house for lunch. A good time was had by all!

day #44 Who Deserves A Treat?

day #44

Before bed, we sometimes give Herbie a treat. He hears us getting the treats out of the box and immediately goes to his bed and lays and patiently waits for his treat. 

day #43 Eggs

day #43

Georgia went to her friend Rose's house for a play date. Rose's mom Julie met us at the door and asked if we wanted any eggs. I didn't even know they had chickens. Um yea we want your eggs! So far, they are delish!

day #42 lunch time with twins

day # 42

The girls are all ready for lunch. And their cute clothes will be protected thanks to Grandma Vicki and the sweet baprons she made for them. 

And often times, hand holding is involved in lunch time. 

ToT: For the love of a dog....or a cat

This weeks ToT post is all about pets. Do you have em? Do you love em? Could you do without em?

We have a dog and a cat. I love them. I mean really LOVE them. I would do just about anything for my furry babies. They give me constant companionship. They give me love. They give me a good laugh every now and then. They give me a big ol' headache sometimes. They give me big messes to clean up. They give me so much joy. I can't imagine my life without a furry little friend by my side.

Just a little fun fact about Myrtle, her
favorite treats are Pity The Kitty
chicken flavored treats. Nolan has even
got her to sit for a treat. She's almost like
Meet Myrtle. She's a cat with spunk. Sure she spend most of her day sleeping in the sunshine. But she pulls her weight around here, she's the resident bug killer. Bugs don't survive long in our house. If there is a spider, she kills it. A moth is toast around here. A fly doesn't even stand a chance. It's her job. And frankly, I'm glad it's her job and not mine. And I'm pretty certain that if we should ever have a dreaded rodent enter our home, there would be no need for any traps...Myrtle would take care of it for us.

We came across this little feline when Nolan and I first moved back to Indy after living in Atlanta. We were living with my parents while we secured jobs and found a place of our own. One day my mom found a liter of 3 kitties in her flower bed. Their mother was the feral cat who ran around the neighborhood. We knew that if we didn't get the kitties away from her, that they would all soon be running around the neighborhood.

After a few weeks we decided to separate the mama and her babies. Nolan and my dad were able to get 2 of the kittens, but Myrtle hid under the deck and they were unable to grab her. That evening we went out to try again to get her, but she was no longer there. Mama Kitty moved baby Myrtle under the neighbor's shed. I tried to coax them out, but couldn't. The neighbor came out to see what was going on. He suggested using his leaf blower to scare them out. It worked. The mama came running out and right behind her was the little Myrtle. As Mama Kitty ran off into the woods, I grabbed little Myrtle and whisked her into my parent's house.

I felt terrible afterwards. Mama Kitty sat in my parent's dining room window crying for her babies that were inside the house. Ugh, I knew that it was the best thing for the babies, but it was still painful to watch. But soon she gave up and went on roaming around the neighborhood. We used to see her from time to time or we would find evidence that she had been napping on my mom's wicker chairs, the cushions were covered with white fur. It's been a while since we've seen her around. :(

And it's been 8 1/2 years since Myrtle came into our lives.  Our friends are a little bit scared of her. We have to warn people when they come to our house that she's a little mean. She likes us, now after years. She cuddles up to us. She lets Georgia pet her. She sleeps at the foot of our bed. She follows me from room to room during the day. She even lets the twins pet her a little bit. She's a good kitty and I'm glad that she's got some spunk and personality. I'm glad that she's living with us.

Fun Fact about Herbie: He is part Australian Shepherd
and has tried to herd Nolan while playing in a filed near
my in laws home. He kept running circles around him until
they were close to the house. Funny instincts!

And then there is Herbie, AKA Herb, Herbs,
Herbalicious, Bubba, Baby Boy, Puppy le Pew, and my personal favorite Herberto (like Roberto, only Herberto).  He is a lovable guy. He spends most of his day lounging on my bed looking out the back window. You never know when a paper bag might blow across the back yard and threaten our home. He MUST bark to protect us.

Herbie came into our lives after Nolan and I went to Pet Fest. It was at a local park and there were tons of shelters and rescues there with dogs that were available for adoption. Nolan and I had no intention of getting a puppy. I had my eye on a sweet Border Collie (they are my favorite breed of dog, BTW). Nolan was looking at a Cattle Dog. The Border Collie was at the rescue because she was nipping at her previous owners children. And she wasn't super fond of men. She was so sweet with me and I feel in love with her. But I knew that Border Collies need a lot of exercise and it's not really great to leave them at home all day while you work. They need a job to do, a place to run. So, while I was in love with her, I knew that she couldn't come home with us.

While Nolan was trying to find me to show me this Cattle Dog he found, I found this little group of puppies. They were so cute. I just wanted to hold one. Just for a few minutes. Just to snuggle. WELL, Nolan finds me snuggling these cute little brown and white speckled pups. He knew right then and there that we were going to be adopting one of these puppies. I had fallen in love. We asked about the pups and we were told that there were no more left for adoption that day, but there was one they had to leave back at the rescue because he had a skin condition and we could find his info online.

Well Nolan still wanted to show me this Cattle Dog that he found. When we got back to the Cattle Dog, he was already spoken for. So we went home empty handed that day, but we had high hopes of this one little puppy with the skin condition that was still at the shelter.

When we got home, we looked up this puppy. His name was Billy. He looked a little different than the other pups in his liter. He was not just brown and white, he had some black too. And the other pups were mostly brown with white spots. Billy was white with a brown face and black spots. He was so sweet and he was going to be apart of our family. We filled out the forms and then got word that we were the proud adoptive parents of little Billy.

And now 7 years later, he is my baby. He's my protector. He really does put himself in front of me if he think that we are in a dangerous situation. Not that we have been in any danger, EVER, but you know, just in case. I feel safe with him here. He has a very loud bark and I think that alone is enough to scare off someone trying to break into our home. Oh and he hears everything....he knows when someone is at the front door before they even knock. And he is in tune with my feelings. When Violet died, he knew something was wrong. He sat by my feet the entire day rather than lay on my bed like usual.

I really do love my animals. I can not imagine not having a dog or a cat in our house. I hope that these guys hang around for many years to come. It's true what John Grogan, the author of Marley and Me says, "Such short little lives out pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become because of them." I've have several friends who have found out that their beloved pets were sick and needed to go on to a better place. What a terrible, awful decision to make. I hope that day is years into the future for us. It's the dilemma for many pet choose to bring this animal into your home, love it, care for it and develop a relationship with it all while knowing that one day you will have to say goodbye to them. While I dread that day, I will enjoy all the days that I have making memories with these furry guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

day #41 my funny valentines

day #41

Holidays are so much more fun when kids are involved. Nolan took us all out for to dinner at Buca di Beppo. We even went to the one down town so that made it super fancy according to Georgia. Afterwards, we came home and watched Be My Valentine Charlie Brown. It was a good day and we were glad to share the love fest with our little love bugs!

day #40 valentines ready!

day #40

A box full of Valentines all ready for Georgia's class. She pumped! AND she doesn't even know that her teacher has a special breakfast planned for them! Happy Valentine's Day dear readers!

day #39 Mardi Gras

day #39 

To celebrate Mardi Gras we decided to have a Cajun feast of our own. I made some white bean chicken chili and served it over rice and on the side we had some french bread. We tried to do it Yats style. My chili wasn't nearly as good, but still tasty. And to finish off our meal, I stopped by our local bakery, Roll With It, and snagged a few slices of King Cake. 

If you've never had King Cake it's all sorts of delicious. Check this out if you would like to know more about King Cake and it's tradition

And just in case you wondered, we all loved our King Cake even though none of us had a baby Jesus with our slice. 

day #38 birthday boy

day #38

Here's the birthday boy. February 11 we celebrate all things Nolan. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ToT: Everyday is the 14th

Happy Valentine's Day beloved readers! Are you getting your cards ready to send? Are you expecting a big bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of candy? Are you going out on a special date? Or do you think this day is just another pointless reason to spend money? That's our topic for this weeks ToT post...Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Why or why not?

Thinking back to Valentine's Days of the past, I realize that I've had some pretty great ones. My favorite was a couple of years ago when Nolan woke up early and left little notes all over the house for me. They were all things that he loves about me. As I went through the day, I would find them hiding in the pantry, coat closet, my car, just all over. I loved it. It didn't cost anything but time. I still have some of those notes stuck around the house 2 years later. When I see them, they make me remember how special I felt that morning when I was reading them all for the first time.

Nolan and I usually get a little something for each other. We don't go over board. There is no fancy jewelry. There is no expensive dinner. It's just a little token to say, hey I love're rock my world.

This year for both Nolan and Georgia, I got a little creative. On February 1 they woke up to find a little note and a little treat for them on the kitchen table. Here are some of the ideas that I either came up with on my own or found on Pinterest......

Valentine, I love you to pieces (this came with Reese's pieces candy)
Valentine, you knock my socks off (this came with....socks!)
Valentine, Donut you know that I love you (this came with, you guessed it donuts)
Valentine, I'm stuck on you (with stickers)
Valentine, we're MINT for each other (with mints)
Valentine, I'm nuts about you (with peanut M&Ms)
Valentine, life would be unBEARable without you (with gummy bears)
Valentine, I chews you (with chewing gum)
I was soaping you would be my Valentine (with body wash)
Valentine, you're write for me (with pencils)

I have enjoyed being a little Valentine Fairy and sneaking around in the middle of the night to leave these little treats. And, seeing Georgia's reaction in the mornings is just great. One night she came down to our room because she had a bad dream. Nolan went to tuck her back into bed and she told him, "I didn't look to see what was on the kitchen table because I wanted it to be a surprise for tomorrow." She's so sweet.

Also, this year I decided that I was going to leave another little note for Georgia from February 1 through Valentine's Day telling her 14 things that I love about her. Nolan heard my plan and decided to get in on the action too. So every night we cut out a little heart and write something that we each love about Georgia. I want her to know how special she is to us. I want her to know that she is a pretty great kid. I want her know that no matter what happens outside of this matter what other people say about her, her Mom and Dad love her. The world can be a cruel place and if I can make our home her safe haven, then I feel like I'm doing a good job.

I got the twins a little doll. I couldn't leave them out, even though they don't give a hoot about Valentine's Day.

One thing that I really love about Valentine's Day is helping Georgia make her Valentines for her friends at school. Her first year of preschool, we made was a family project. Georgia loves elephants, so Nolan drew an elephant profiles on some pretty cool scrapbook paper. We cut those out and glued them to card stock. Then we stuck a single googly eye on each elephant. You opened the card up and it said "Valentine, I've got my eye on you!" It was a hit!

Last year, I took a photo of Georgia holding her arm out and her hand extended. I used some photo editing tools and typed on the photo "Will you be my buttercup?" And then we glued a Reese's peanut butter cup in her hand. Take a look....

And this year, they aren't celebrating Valentine's day, they are celebrating Friendship Day. Same thing, different name. We went with a photograph of her again. This is what we came up with......

I love that they are personalized. I love her photo on anything. I love that I put my website at the bottom of this Valentine!

So, what do you do for Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 11, 2013

bringing sexy back

can i just say, justin timberlake looks very dashing in this new commercial. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

day #37 oh to be needed

day #37

This is June, by the way!

This girl....I don't think that anyone has ever looked at me with so much love. She's a Mama's girl (for now) and she just lights up whenever I'm near. It does wonders for your self esteem. I know that all my daughters love me, but this, she thinks I'm the best thing ever. It's nice to be needed :)

day #36 a little birdie

day #36

These are images of the mobiles that the twins Aunt Ang made for them. I was thinking about making something similar when I was pregnant, but decided that it was never going to get done and that I was just going to have to buy them. Well, I had no idea that good ol Auntie Ang was so talented. She asked if she could make these for the YEAH! 
They are perfect and the girls love to look up at them while laying in their cribs. They get all excited and start kicking. It's really cute. Thank you Angela, for taking the time from your super busy working mom of 4 boys life to make these for your nieces. They love them...and so do I! Will you make one for me to put above my bed?

day #35 like a moth to a flame

day #35

On Friday I went out with two of my girl friends. We went to a hot little spot in Fountain Square called La Margarita. It's so yummy. Anyway, one of my friends, Carol, was telling my other friend, Sarah, and me about a funky little shop that she went to before we met up. It's called Rogue Decor. It was such an awesome place with so much handmade and re-purposed furniture. I just love it when someone can take junk and turn it into something fan-freaking-tastic! They even have a work shop in the back of the store where the guy is making stuff. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Anyway, while we were there Sarah spotted these candles. As she was browsing, she found this one. It's violet scented. I've been looking for a new candle for Violet because the one I had before stirred up my allergies. Therefore, I didn't burn it much. Now I have a new Violet candle that smells of violets. Perfect!

This is the company that makes the candle that I bought, if you care about that sort of thing!

Friday, February 8, 2013

day #34 forbidden love and playing solo

day #34

Remember a few days ago when I was writing about Myrtle's boyfriend? Well he showed up again and this is what happens when they see each other. They stare. 

And then he leaves....and Myrtle is sitting at home with a broken heart. 

And after watching the love story, I went to pick up Georgia from school. It was so lovely out that we went to the park. She was the only one at the playground. Weird, huh? I thought for sure that there would be plenty of kids running around. 

Georgia ended up play by herself. I couldn't even go play with her because I had to hang out with the twins. But she's fine with playing solo. I could hear her pretending to talk to someone....a friend I suppose. As I was watching her play, I had to remind myself that my girl is this big. Time passes too quickly people! While I love watching her grow and change, I do miss my little baby. 

day #33 wascally wabbit

day #33

This little guy was in the back yard. I was glad that I didn't scare him off when I stepped outside to snap this photo! Does this mean spring is coming????? Soon????

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

day #32 my boyfriend's back

day #32

I'm not talking about one of my old sir. We call this guy Myrtle's boyfriend. Every now and then we see him hanging around our house. It all started last spring when we were in Kansas for a week long visit. We returned home to find Myrtle trying to escape every time the door was opened. Well, it was all because of this guy. He was hanging around the house, peeping in our windows. And Myrtle wanted to go outside and hang out with him. She was fierce about it too. 
And, now it has started again. A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, he and Myrtle were gazing at each other through the sliding glass door. And then again last week on Friday he was sitting peaking inside our house through the sliding glass door. It was really cold that day and I felt so bad for the guy. I set out some food and water for him. When I opened the door, he tried to come inside. I wanted to let him in. If I didn't think that WW III was going to break out if he was inside, I might have done it. It was really cold and snowing. Anyway, since I couldn't let him in the house, I took a towel that is in our rag bag and put it in the dryer to warm it up. I set it outside for him, but he didn't use it. And I didn't see him the rest of the day. I wondered what happened to him. 
So, I was pleasantly surprised when Nolan came out of his office and told Myrtle that she had a visitor. This dude was sitting in the front window. I was happy to see that he made it through the cold weekend. Anyway, I went outside to take a picture of him and again, he tried to come in the house. The entire time I was trying to get a photo of him he was rubbing on my legs. Maybe it's me he's coming to see!

ToT-bucket list

The bucket list....the ultimate list of things you want to do before you die. I think that everyone has at least a few things they would like to do before they kick the bucket. Everyone wants to accomplish something. Everyone has dreams. There was even a movie made about this very topic. And from what I heard, it was pretty decent. This list can be anything. It's your list for goodness sake, put on it whatever you want to. It can be simple, it can be adventurous, it can be ANYTHING. The bucket list is our topic for this weeks ToT post. Here's mine in no particular order. 

-Go to Australia and hold a koala. You see, I have this love for koalas. Next to my own children, koalas are quite possibly the cutest things on earth. I want to go to Australia and hold a koala. It's not just something I want, I have a burning desire in the depths of my soul to do this. I can't explain it. And when I do get to Australia and have this insanely cute koala snuggled up to me I will probably cry. Yep, real tears will flow out of my eyes. It's strange, I know. 

Kristen Bell kind of has the same reaction with sloths. Ok, maybe I wouldn't be crying on my bed, but I would get emotional for sure. 

-Buy a historic home and fix it up. There is a neighborhood close by that Nolan and I would really love to move into. We would love to get an old house and update it while keeping it's historic charm. Ah, maybe one day. 

-Become a really fantastic photographer. I want to be so good at this. I want to really know what I'm doing. I want people to come to me with questions and advice. I want my work to be fantastic. I'll keep working at it!

-Be financially secure enough that when Nolan retires we can spend a lot of our time traveling. There are so many places that I would love to visit. I want to go to Italy. I want to go to Hawaii. I want to go to Greece. I want to go to India. I want to go to Paris. I want to go everywhere. I want to spend time just living out of my suitcase. 

-Find a really meaningful way to honor Violet. I would really love to figure out some way to honor her memory and help others. It might be helping babies or children or it might be helping families coping with the loss of their baby. It's just so important to me that her name isn't forgotten. I want everyone to know about Violet and how important she is to our family. 

-Take my kids on a really fantastic trip. I want to take the trip of a lifetime with my children. I want to do things with them that they have never done before. I want them to think back on this trip and remember how awesome it was. 

-Learn how to make my mom's homemade noodles. My mom makes awesome noodles. It's what I always ask her to make for my birthday dinner. I want to learn how to make them so that I can eventually pass this onto my girls. So I've already told her that one Saturday when Nolan can take the twins, I want to come over and learn how to make noodles. Hmmm! 

-Get really good at sewing. I dabble at sewing. I just need to take a class and learn. My mother in law is really fantastic and I wish that she could just teach me, but the 12 hour drive between us makes that a little bit hard! I always have some sort of project that I'm asking for help with though and she's always willing to lend her expert hand :)

-Be financially secure. I like to spend money. It's true. We would probably have a lot more in the bank if I didn't go to Target so much. I mean, it's not like we are in debt or anything, but I spend more than I should, for sure. Anyway, I would love for us just to have enough in our savings account to buy a new car if we needed one. Or to travel like I would love to do. Or buy that historic home and fix it up. So, I'm a work in progress on this one!

-Get a complete makeover. You know how they do it on TV shows? They pick some random lady from the audience and make her into a bombshell. This may be vain, but I would love for that to happen to me. I would let them do whatever...cut my hair, dye my hair, do whatever you need to do. Make the beauty happen!

So this is my bucket list. Most of this stuff is trivial, but that's what makes it fun. And hopefully I will get to do some of these things before it's time for me to leave this earth. If not, well, that's ok too.

What's on your bucket list?

Monday, February 4, 2013

day #31 Enough

day #31

June finally has enough hair to stand up. Now she and Evie can totally rock that look together!

day #30 Super Duper

day #30

Boys and girls, if you didn't know already, on Sunday the Super Bowl took place. We had our own little party here at home....since no one invited us to theirs. RUDE! I don't know why someone wouldn't want us....with our crazy 5 year old and our 5 month old TWINS at their party. 

This would have been your party if we were there. Not really, but I think it's funny. 

Well, since you didn't invite us, you missed out. Georgia was pumped about our little party for 3. She looks like she is doing a Ray Lewis impersonation in the photo above, doesn't she?

Well, we weren't rooting for Baltimore, but it was a good game. And we got to feast on these bad boys.

Now you really wish you would have hung out with The Fletcher Lichti's on Super Bowl Sunday, don't you?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

day #29 hoo hoo hoo hoosiers!

day #29

It was a pretty good day for college basketball in our house. IU knocked off #1 Michigan. Butler also won today. Too bad Kansas couldn't bring a win today. COME ON JAYHAWKS!

day #28 twinsies

   day #28

Just a photo of the twins. Aren't you jealous that you don't get to hang out with these girls every day? You should be because they are awesome! Evie is in the blue and June is in yellow.

day #27 14 things

day #27

For Valentine's Day, Nolan and I are writing little notes to Georgia. Each morning from Feb 1 to Feb 14 she will wake up and read something that we love about her. It's just one small thing I can do to boost her self image and let her know how much we care about her.