Friday, March 7, 2014

maybe a little PTSD

Recently, here in Indy, there were reports of a tragic accident involving a family. The 6 month old baby was ejected from the car and died. Then back in late November, there was a family fire the claimed the lives of a 6 month old and an 18 month old. Their mother later died at the hospital from the wounds she got after she tried to save them. The father was at work and was left to bury his wife and two small children. 

Over the years these types of stories....the ones where the babies die in the end....they have effected me differently. When you have a baby, your entire world changes. You can only imagine what it would be like to lose your child. A loss that seems like it would crush your entire world. 

Then, when Violet was born, I knew what it was like to have my baby die. And from then on, when I would hear those stories on the news, I remembered what it was like sitting in the hospital room praying that something would change. I remember what it is like to have your heart broken into a million pieces. I remember what it is like to walk out of the hospital with empty arms. The feeling and emotions come back so strongly. It's kind of a PTSD situation. My chest tightens up. I feel like I'm going to cry and I flash back to when I heard the words, "I'm sorry. We can't find a heartbeat." 

Even though our situations are different....we each lost a child. I lost mine before she took a breath, they lost their children in different tragic situations. We would all do anything we could to see our children one more time. My heart goes out to each of these families and I pray that they each find peace and feel the love of their families, friends and communities. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Mini Sessons

When I started with this journey in photography, I limited myself to only doing outdoor photo shoots. I don't have studio space and I wasn't confident with my camera or my skills to do much indoor photography without a flash (and really the flash doesn't create the best lighting for photos). 

After being asked several times to take photos indoors, I decided that I would do a test run....I would offer Valentine's Day mini sessions for a few clients for free just to try it out. 

So, I got a few volunteers and I turned my house into a studio for a few days. I set up a kissing booth and everything that was pink and red that I could find in my house. I set up times for folks to come over and took photos of their kiddos. For the most part, it worked out pretty well, despite the fact that I didn't bother finding a sitter for the twins. 

Here are a few of my favorites.....

and my favorite....

After all of this, I'm feeling more confident with my indoor photography skills. I need to do more things that are out of my comfort zone. It will only make me better, right?