Monday, April 28, 2014

Where should you have your family photos taken?

Most of the time, when a potential client contacts me about a photo shoot, they have no clue where they want the photo shoot to take place. There are so many places here in Indy that make great locations for a photo shoot. So, instead of me sending my list of favorites to clients, I just thought that I would write something that clients could refer back to later.

Now, even though this is a list of my favorite spots all over Indy, there are several that I haven't tried out yet. And I'm always open to new spots and suggestions. 

These are in no particular order.......

Coxhall Gardens 

Southeastway Park

Fountain Square

Paul Ruster Park

Fort Harrison State Park

Holcomb Gardens at Butler University

IMA (they charge a fee for a photography pass....if you choose this, there will be an additional fee for your photography session with me)

Broad Ripple Art Center

Pleasant View Orchard

Mass Ave

Garfield Park

Holliday Park

Those are some the places where I enjoy photographing. But really, you can make any place fabulous.

The photos above were all taken in a back yard. I can usually find a spot that will work for photos if taking them at your home is easiest for you. 

So, if you are thinking about booking a photo shoot, consider some of these spots or suggest another great spot that you know of already! We'll have a great time taking photos!

Goodbye Subaru. Hello Honda.

When we found out we were adding the twins to our family, everyone asked "When are you getting a minivan?" I confidently said "NEVER!" I never pictured us as a minivan family. Now, there is nothing wrong with a minivan....I understand why people get them. But, I just never saw MYSELF driving a minivan. They are so big.....I know, that is the appeal. 

When we found out we were having twins we seriously had just paid off our Subaru. That was supposed to be our family car! I loved my Subaru. But last summer, the air conditioner started acting crazy. We took it in to the dealership to see if they could fix it. They couldn't find out exactly what was wrong with it. The dealership said that they could replace a part that MIGHT fix it and it would cost around $1000. Whoa! $1000 isn't chump change, especially when you have three kiddos. And it would have been a different story if they knew for sure that this $1000 part would fix our air conditioner for sure. But when your car has almost 180,000 miles on it and you've had it for 7 years it might be time to move on. 

Is it weird to be attached to a car? Last year when we got rid of the Toyota I thought that was hard. It was the first car I bought with my own moola! I was proud that I was able to do that on my own.....well with my dad as a co-signer! But I think that it was harder to get rid of the Subaru. There is a commercial out right now that sums it up pretty well.

Georgia grew up in the back of our Subaru. We bought it a couple of months before she was born. We brought her home from the hospital in that car. We took family vacations in that car. I cried my eyes out when my baby died in that car. We went to dance class in that car. We sang songs in that car. Nolan and I went on dates in that car. We squeezed Georgia and the twins in the back of that car. We had a lot of memories in the back of that car! Sniff, sniff! Excuse me while I wipe my eyes!

When we would talk about getting a new car and I would joke with Nolan and tell him that he would have to get me one of those on the commercial with the panther and fire works going off.

And whatayaknow, that's what we got. Now, I don't have a with panther mine....just a double stroller! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Did You Hear About The Time Evie Got Pneumonia?

A couple of weeks ago, June started to get a cold and cough. She felt crummy for a couple of days, but then the cold went away but the cough lingered. And sure enough, a few days later, Evie got the same cold and cough. 

We ended up spending most of last week snuggled up on the couch watching "shows". "Shows" are what the girls call Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and pretty much anything else that comes on PBS. 

Last Thursday I had planned a play date with our friend Sarah and her son James. James is a year older than the twins and they get along pretty well! Anyway, Evie and June were both feeling much better so we ventured out to the park. We were able to spend a few hours there playing on the playground, walking and having a picnic! The girls played hard climbing and sliding! It was a great time, but a nap was in desperate need when we got home. 

The girls stayed home and napped while I went to get Georgia from school. Don't worry, Nolan was working from home that day! When I got back, the girls were awake and playing in their cribs. I got June up and then Evie. Evie was warm and just wanted to snuggle. I thought she was just warm because both of them got a little sun on their cheeks and I thought she was snuggly because she didn't get much of a nap. Anyway, she seemed to feel a little better as the evening went on. 

Friday morning, I got her up and she was still warm and her eyes and nose were both runny. Poor kid. I could just tell she felt terrible. I was able to get her fever down with meds and I went ahead and started her eye drops again, she had pink eye the 2 weeks before. Her eyes got a little better as the day went on and she seemed to feel pretty good after her nap. But by dinner time she was back to feel pretty terrible. We gave her more meds and put her to bed. She still had a cough, but nothing terrible. It wasn't keeping her up at night, so we didn't think too much of it. 

Saturday morning when she got up, her eyes looked much better and she didn't have a fever. She still had a terrible cough so I thought that I was going to neAed to keep her home from the Easter egg hunt at church. But 30 minutes later she was fine and running around with Georgia. We decided to take her along with us to the egg hunt because how many kids have colds right now. You can't stay home every time your kid has a cough otherwise you would be home ALL THE TIME!

She did fine through the egg hunt and runny eyes...minimal coughing and a bit of a runny nose. Not too bad! The twins feel asleep on the way home from lunch. We had to take Georgia to a friend's birthday party so we did that and then drove to the grocery store. When I got Evie out of the car she felt pretty warm and her cheeks were really red. I could tell she wasn't feeling good again. 

We got home and I snuggled her on the couch and gave her some meds. An hour later she was still really warm so Nolan took her temp and it was 101.7. I could hear some rattling in her lungs so we decided that I should take her to Medcheck. 

After the initial exam, the doctor told me that she wanted to do an x ray to check for pneumonia. WHAT! PNEUMONIA? I told myself that she was just being overly cautious. There is no way my baby would have Pneumonia!

Well after trying to get a 1 year old to hold still for an x ray, the doctor came back with the results....yep the very onset of pneumonia. As she's showing me the x ray, I'm too busy thinking about a hospital stay. Isn't that what happens when you have pneumonia? You have to go to the hospital. 

Well, it turns out that you don't always have to go to the hospital when you have pneumonia We were sent home with a nebulizer and instructed on how to do the breathing treatments and a prescription for an antibiotic. 

So, at the beginning, doing the breathing treatments was a struggle. That little girl is STRONG. She twists and turns and screams and cries like this is pure torture. Now we figured out if we do this while watching a "show" that it goes much easier. 

Most importantly, she is feeling better. The breathing treatments are helping and so are the antibiotics. She has a follow up appointment with her doctor on Friday. I'm hoping that we can stop the breathing treatments after that. 

So, thank you all who have seen the posts on Facebook that Evie was sick and thought about us and said a little prayer for us. We are all doing much better!  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you want to build a playground?

For a while now, I've been thinking about different ways that I could honor Violet. We did our day of kindness last year on October 11. And that was great. I loved doing it. I loved hearing about everyone's random (or not so random) act of kindness. We are going to do it again this year. It was beautiful and awesome! But I feel like I need to do something bigger. I want something to take care of since I can't take care of my baby girl. 

Recently I heard about a woman who was raising money to build a playground in memory of her baby. And this idea has kind of stuck in my head. How awesome would that be? How awesome would it be to build a playground for little ones to have fun? How awesome would it be to turn this around and make SOMETHING positive come from something so tragic?

Grand ideas of swings and slides, ladders and money bars, bridges and tunnels flood my mind. I can see us building this playground. I can see us taking our kids there. I can see others playing and bringing their families here to have a good time. 

Then I start to think more about it and I come back down to earth a little bit. How in the world would I do this? How would I find a place that needs a playground? How would I raise the money for this? How could I maintain this? So many questions and I don't know the answers.

So, I still have this idea. I'm just not sure how I'm going to pull it off.  I would love to be able to take the twins and Georgia to a place that we made and dedicated for their sister. I would love to have a place for the community. And I would love to have something that I could care for. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know, I would love to hear them.