Monday, June 24, 2013

Reading List

Georgia has begun to read. She loves learning new words, asking us how to spell words and trying to figure out words that she doesn't know. She has a list of sight words that she is working on memorizing at school. They started at the beginning of the school year and now have about 80 that are to be memorized. She knows them all. They take little test periodically and she's never missed one....not even once. She impresses me for sure!

I want to continue to foster her love for reading. I would also like to read with her. So I've come up with a list of books for us to read together this summer. We might not make it through the entire list, but we certainly will try. And who knows, the left overs might be something that we tackle once school has begun and we are back into that routine again. 

My list came from several books recommended on this blog. Her list is much longer so if you want more ideas of good children's books to read aloud to your kiddos, check it out!

1. Matilda-Roald Dahl (we have already started this one, but just haven't finished it yet!)
2. Charlotte's Web-E.B. White
3. Clementine-Sara Pennypacker
4. The Indian In The Cupboard-Lynne Reid Banks
5. Freckle Juice-Judy Blume (we have lots of freckles in this house!)
6. The Ramona Series-Beverly Cleary 
7. Because of Winn Dixie-Kate DiCamillo
8. Sarah, Plain and Tall-Patricia McLachlan 
9. Pippi Longstocking-Astird Lindgren
10. Harriet The Spy-Louise Fitzhugh

So, we'll start off by finishing Matlida and try to complete the rest of the list. Hopefully we make it through the first 10 and need to add more to our list :)

Update: We've finished Matilda. Oh there were some twists in that one that Georgia didn't see coming! I promised her we would watch the movie after we finished the book. And we've also read one Clementine book and three Ramona books. We are off to a great start for summer reading around here!