Friday, August 29, 2014

good reads #11 Little House in the Big Woods

I grew up watching little half pint on TV. I've read some of the little house series, but not all. So, I decided as part of my reading challenge for 2014, I would read the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder series from start to finish. 

Well, I started out with Little House in the Big Woods. I've read this before, but it was a long time ago. I was home from college for the summer and I wanted something to do one night. So I went upstairs and grabbed this book off the book shelf. This isn't something I would normally do, so I'm not really sure why I did it in the first place. I suppose it was my love of the Little House on the Prairie TV series. Anyway, I quickly read it it and loved everything about Laura, Mary, Pa, Ma and even baby Carrie! 

So when I read this book again, I found that I still loved everything about the Ingalls Family. I loved learning about how they made candy with snow and maple syrup. I loved reading about Pa playing his fiddle and singing before bedtime. I loved it all. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder's book is so innocent and I love the way she recalls her memories. What it must have been like to be a little girl in those big woods!

Was this book a favorite of yours growing up? Did you watch the show?

good reads #10 The Giver

A while back, I finished up The Giver, but completely forgot to blog about it! Well, it was interesting, for sure. All in all, I really enjoyed the book. I loved learning about Jonas and his community where everything is the same. There is no war, but at what cost. Since they truly can not experience pain they also never know true love. 

I see what their plan was....I see that they were just "trying" to make things better. But some of the things that I love most about life are all the differences that I see. I'm exposed to new and different things and ideas through my friends and family. Being the same is boring....isn't that what we teach our kids? At least we do in this house. We teach our kids to find the beauty in being different and embrace it. 

Jonas realizes this as the book goes on. He learns that every life is valuable, even if they don't meet the expectations and standards that we have set as "good." Jonas wants to change his world, but at what cost. 

Read the's a YA book, but it's a good read for grown up kids too! The movie is out..not sure if I'm going to watch it or not. 

What is your opinion of the book? Have you seen the movie?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

good reads # 9 Pippi Longstocking

about a week ago, georgia and i finished up pippi longstocking. i remembered watching a movie or two about pippi when i was in elementary school, but i never read any of the books. from what i remembered, i thought that pippi was just the sort of spunky, quirky little girl that georgia would fall in love with....and boy was i right. every night it was, "aw, can't we read ANOTHER chapter?" we have more pippi books to read and i think that we are both looking forward to learning about the adventures that pippi gets herself into! 

if you are looking for a truly unique girl for your child to read about, pippi might just be what she is looking for. georgia has even started calling evie pippi because she likes to wear shoes that are too big for her :) "pippi longstocking is coming into your town." who else remembers the song?