Thursday, April 25, 2013

Remember When Georgia Turned 5?

Georgia turned 5 back in August. She had a birthday party in September. It's now April and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it and sharing photos on Facebook. I suppose this Mama had other things going on! But, without further a do, I present Georgia's 5th Birthday Party!

Choosing the theme is always a big deal. We've done a princess party, a carnival party and this time we did an ART PARTY!

We had the party at our church. There is a playground there and a small pavilion with tables that we were able to use for FREE! Yes you heard it right folks! It was perfect! And we had access to the church as well, so we could use the kitchen too. 

While the kids were arriving, everyone was having a good time playing on the playground. Once most of the kids were there, we sat down to paint. I bought canvases and paint brushes from JoAnn's and used paint that we had at home for the craft. It was pretty easy. I didn't have to lead anything and it didn't take much prep. And it kept the kiddos busy for sometime. There were several budding artists at this party!

After painting, it was time for some snacks. Since it was an art party, certainly all of the snacks had to be rainbow colors. Right?
 These are Rice Krispie Treat paint brushes. I found Rice Krispie Treats at Sam's Club. Then I put a popsicle stick in them. I found white chocolate melting candies at JoAnn's. After I melted those, I used some food coloring to dye them orange, yellow, blue and red. I dipped each treat into the chocolate and let harden. It was a very easy, yet impressive little treat!

And we couldn't have rainbow treats without M&M's!

 I got the cupcakes from Sam's Club as well. I wanted to make some rainbow cupcakes, but I had two one month old babies at the time, I had no extra time to make rainbow cupcakes. But these cupcakes do have rainbow colored sprinkles on top. And who doesn't love sprinkles?
These cute little artist pallet cookies were made by my dear friend Sarah over at just living. She dabbles in baking! I love it!
And fruit....always a beautiful rainbow of colors with fruit!
All the kiddos chowing down!
Georgia and her friend Rose!

Georgie, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party....even if it was back in September!! 

Is Anyone Out There?

Let me just say this first.....I don't write this just for other people to read. I don't really care how many people read my blog. I write it for myself, for my family near and far and for my girls. But, just out of curiosity, who does read this thing? Leave me a comment and let me know...or better yet, follow my blog.

Good Reads-When Did I Get Like This?

A while back, I did a ToT post about what I was reading. It really wasn't much at the time....the occasional blog by a friend, Pinterest ideas, or children's books. Well, I took the opportunity during our trip to Kansas to catch up on a little reading. I mean I had 12+ hours in the car to kill, right?

I started this book, by Amy Wilson, on the drive to Newton. Seriously, I was laughing out load and reading parts of this book to Nolan while he drove. Sorry, was that annoying honey? But really, there are so many things that are true for SO MANY moms. 

I think that when you are pregnant, especially with your first child, you have in your mind exactly how you are going to parent your child. Of course you're going to do this and you would never do that. Well, all of that changes when you are in the trenches with these little sweeties. And they are sweeties, but they also suck the life out of you sometimes. They cry, they poop, they want to eat all the time, they don't sleep, they put everything in their mouths, they spend all of your hard earned money. Are they worth it all? Are they worth all of the headaches, all of the worrying, all of the sleepless nights? A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y! But, its just nice to hear that you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed. So many women make it look like parenting is a breeze. And you slowly come to the conclusion that in their day to day lives, it's not always this put together. I'm sure they have days when everyone in the house, including mom, is crying about something. 

And while you never want to see the lady in Target who's 3 year old is laying down on the floor throwing a fit because mom is refusing to buy her yet another cheap toy that has a Disney princess on it. But at the same time, it just reminds you that there are millions of other parents who are going through this too. Our children aren't perfect, they go through stages and they act out. They throw fits. And sometimes, as a parent, you are text book perfect at handling this and sometimes you have bad parenting moments. You're human. It's OK. As long as you aren't physically or emotionally hurting your child, it's ok. 

Georgia and I butt heads a lot. She is a strong willed little girl. Guess who else was a strong willed little girl 25ish years ago? Sometimes, I just get it all wrong. I just loose my cool with her. I HATE those times. I feel awful. But, after things have settled, she and I talk it out. I admit to her that I didn't do the right thing, but I also tell her why her behavior was so frustrating. We get each other a little bit....we connect. We get that we were both wrong. We make amends and patch things up. So many times, I think that parent's fly off the handle and they don't make that extra effort to patch things up with their little ones. I try to remember that she is going to learn from me. How I handle stressful situations is how she is going to handle them in the future. 

Most of all, I want my girls to remember their childhood fondly. And I don't want to look back and wish that I would have done most of it differently. Hopefully, we are headed in the right direction! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

april 19 day #105 a man and his guitar

day #105
a man and his guitar

i got a new flash for my camera. i was practicing. i made nolan be my model. i think he's a pretty fantastic model!

april 18 day #104 whats new putty tat?

day #104
whats new putty tat?

she's such a pretty kitty! i love her spunky nature and that little black dot on her nose. it must be a beauty mark!

april 17 day #103 8 months, it can't be!

day #103
8 months, it can't be

8 months old. i seriously can't believe that they are this old. evie is crawling. june is still working on it. they both have a single tooth. evie is working on tooth #2. they both sleep through the night (thank the lord!). they are angels in diapers. 

april 16 day #102 ah, spring

day #102
ah, spring

in our front yard, we have a weeping cherry tree. the blooms last for a couple of days. that is our sign that spring is here. those blooms are something we wait to see every year. since they aren't around for very long, we really do cherish the beauty they bring!

april 15 day #101 first mow of the year

day #101
first mow of the year

nolan mows the lawn. i never mow the lawn. he's a good man!

april 14 day #100 lost and found

day #100
lost and found

those little giraffes the girls are playing with were lost for a few days. we got back from kansas and we couldn't find one of them. well, i found it. there was a bag with some toys in it that we took on the trip. i forgot to unpack it. whew! it's a good thing, those little giraffes aren't cheap!

april 13 day #99 oh please, oh please, oh please

day #99
oh please, oh please, oh please

those of you that know herbie have come to realize that he is a pampered pooch. herbie spends most of his time laying on my bed looking out the back windows. when he goes outside, if the weather is not ideal, he is only out for a few moments before scratching at the door to come back inside. he has his standards. he will not tolerate the cold or the heat. the weather must be perfect for him to remain outside for any length of time! what a pansy! eh, i love him anyway!

april 12 day #98 red hots

day #98
red hots

nolan went out with some friends to scotty's. every time we go to scotty's we get this little box of red hots. it makes me think of my grandpa fletcher every. single. time. he always had red hots. always. you want some candy? have some red hots. you have a tickle in your throat? have some red hots. you want to have fresh breath? have some red hots. you just want to eat something? have some red hots.

april 11 day #97 something new

day #97
something new

we got around to replacing our throw pillows. we got the others for a wedding gift. that made them almost 10 years old. i had high hopes for just recovering the old ones. ha! who has time for that, not this girl!

april 10 day #96 wise words

day #96
wise words

we got this about a month or so before the twins were born in a fortune cookie. hmmm. 

april 9 day #95 WE NOW KNOW!

day #95


for the longest time we didn't really know who june looked like. i think we may have found our answer. please excuse the wide open mouths. 

april 8 day # 94 tiptoe through the tulips

day #94
tiptoe through the tulips

don't you all wish that your husband brought home tulips for you....for no reason at all? i'm a lucky gal!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ToT-Why, Mommy?

This weeks topic for ToT is an impromptu reflection on the bombings yesterday in Boston. We didn't have a topic and Michelle over at After 9 and Some Weekends suggested that we write about this tragedy. I think that many of us were probably going to write about it anyway, so good choice Michelle.

Why? That is the question my five year old asked me when we heard about the bombing in Boston yesterday. That is the question I would like answered myself. But really would any answer justify the terror that was inflicted on every person in Boston yesterday? Would it justify innocent bystanders having wounds so horrific that amputations are necessary? Would it justify moms and dads, brothers and sister, friends and family never seeing their loved ones again?

Georgia and I heard the news in the car yesterday coming home from piano lessons. I started to cry thinking about the loss of life and those hurt. I think that my tears frightened her more than learning about the bomb. It must be weird to see your mom crying for people she doesn't even know.

When we got home, we did turn on the news. That may have been selfish on my part....I wanted to know what was going on. We both sat there wide eyed as we watched footage of the bombing on television. I asked her if this was scary. She said, "a little." We talked about our safety. We talked about how things like this don't happen very often (at least here in the US). We talked about the good people that were helping those that were hurt. We talked about why someone might do this. In the end she said, "I am just sad for the people who got hurt." Yep, me too babe, me too. We turned off the TV for the rest of the night because we knew that we were just going to keep seeing those images. And it was just going to be too much. None of us could stand to watch it over and over again. And to hear it over and over again.

Today, I learned of little Martin who was killed yesterday. Little 8 year old Martin. My heart aches for those parents. I feel for that father who was running the race. That father who has lost his son. That father who's wife has serious injuries. That father who's daughter had a leg amputated. They left the house that morning for a family day.They were doing something that many families strive to do, make memories together. Instead, of a happy day that they will remember, it's turned into something tragic. Little Martin left that day and is never coming home. You just never know what is going to happen. I think that all of us hugged our loved ones a little tighter and remembered to say, "I love you" last night.

Events like this and Sandy Hook make you wonder about humanity. What in the world is going on? It makes you scared to leave your home. It makes you want to bunker down in your safe place. Would I be happy living that way, living a life of fear. No. But it just makes you think about it. Sometimes those doomsday preppers don't sound so loony.

Last night as I was scrolling through social media, I saw so many of my friends and family also wondering why this happened. A quote from Fred Rogers (a hero of mine) was shared over and over again, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I'm always comforted by realizing there are still so many so many helpers-so many caring people in this world." The helpers. That is what I want to take away from this tragedy. That is what I want Georgia to remember. I want her to remember the people who were running towards the tragedy. Those who were risking their lives to help those in need. Those who comforted those who could not find their families. Those who stopped fleeing the scene to help the hurt. Those who offered their homes to the people who could not get back to their hotels. Those who after completing the race, kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood. These were not all medical and public safety persons, they were average Joes. They were people like you and me. They were the helpers.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

april 7 day #93 miss independent

day #93
miss independent

sunday afternoon, i saw a group of kids playing outside near our house. i told georgia that if she wanted to go outside and play with them that was fine. so she went to change out of her dress clothes and into some play clothes. afterwards, she ran outside with her bike and walked right up to the group. before she went outside i told her just to go up to the other kids and say, "hi, my name is georgia can i play with you?" and that's exactly what she did. 

every time i see this behavior in her, it amazes me. i don't think that would have the guts to do that at her age. anyway, she was out there with them for a little bit and then the other kids had to go home. she was sad. but daddy stayed out with her.

as i watched her dash across the back yard to join the group of kids, I got that overwhelming feeling that she is growing up too fast. i want to savor every single moment that i have with her. i want to cherish this time in her life. and as i stood there and thought about her growing up and all the things that she was going to be and all the things that she was going to do, i felt the tears welling up in my eyes. my baby girl is growing up right before my eyes. 

april 6 day #92 a day at the fort

day #92
a day at the fort

saturday we met up with our friends robin and steve and their two kids for some time at fort harrison state park. it was great weather, even if it was a little windy! we all enjoyed being outdoors and being in the sunshine!

april 5 day #91 honey i'm home

day #91
honey i'm home

herbie is always sad when we go on vacation without him. he gets depressed. he doesn't eat much. he doesn't come out of his crate much. he's just a sad guy while we're gone. 
but, when we show up to get him after a week of being gone, he lets us know how glad he is to see us. he runs circles around us and jumps up and down. he's so happy we're back. 
well, herbie, we missed you too while we were gone to kansas.

Friday, April 5, 2013

april 4 day #90 new tooth

day #90
new tooth

see that little girl with a  white tooth there. ignore the food on her face, focus on the tooth. 

this little girl has no teeth yet. a lot of drool, but no teeth. 

april 3 day #89 always check the date

day #87
 always check the date

this salad dressing is past the best buy date. it was like that when i bought it. back to the store it goes.

april 2 day #88 student of the week

day #88
student of the week

georgia brought this home on tuesday. this is the second time this year! 

april 1 day #87 the jokes on me

day #87
the jokes on me

this is the huge cross on the side of the road in effingham, illinois. i wish i could say this was my photo, but it's not. so i packed my fancy camera in my purse so i could take some photos along the way home. good idea huh? well not if you forget to put the SD card in the camera and it's packed up among all the luggage in the back of the car. 

march 31 day#86 happy easter

day #86
happy easter

happy easter everyone!'s a few days late since i'm late posting! we were in kansas for easter this year. grandma and grandpa had an easter egg hunt for georgia. some were hid a little too high! she needed some assistance from grandma!

march 30 day #85 aren't you dyeing to know what we did?

day #85
aren't you dyeing to know what we did?

whats easter without dyed eggs? 

march 29 day #84 twinsx2

day #84

guess who also lives in kansas? my friend rachel! she came over with her sweet little twinsies! it was great fun to commiserate over everything that has to do with twins.....twin pregnancy, twin child birth, the daily needs of these little time suckers, and the reaction of ever person we see on the streets that notices the double stroller! 

as she left rach said, "lets not wait another 10 years to see each other." i completely agree!

march 28 day #83 let me hear you roar!

day #83
let me hear you roar!

georgia roaring just like her new t rex. this girl loves dinosaurs!

march 27 day #82 i'm nuts about you

day #82
i'm nuts about you

while we were kansas visiting nolan's parents, we took a little trip into the bustling metropolis of wichita. among other things, we went to the nifty nut house. they have tons of different nuts, snack mixes and candies. it's a real treat to stop by the nifty nut house. it's usually packed. we were there on a wednesday afternoon and the place was hoppin' as usual. 

so, if you're ever near wichita, kansas, stop by the nifty nut house and you could get your picture taken just like nolan and georgia!

march 26 day #81 can't keep my head up!

day #81
can't keep my head up

evie just couldn't take it anymore. she is sleeping in the highchair. poor baby. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

march 25 day #80 aren't robins a sign of spring?

day #80
aren't robins a sign of spring?

well, i guess not always! poor mama robin must have been terribly confused. 

march 24 day #79 ms jana, aren't you proud?

day #79
ms jana, aren't you proud?

georgia began taking piano lessons this year from a lady at our church. every monday we head out after school for her lesson. she's really enjoying it. she was writing music in this photo. she said that it was from the disney movie bambi. there is a part where it starts to rain and they use music to imitate rain drops falling. what a kid!