Friday, February 20, 2015

book #7 the one and only ivan

i included several children's chapter books on my list this year because Georgia and i read together so often. and they are also books that i can read with her while continuing to read another book on my own. 

the first book that she and i have read this year is the one and only ivan. ivan is a great silver back that is on display in a mall along with several other animals. each animal has their own "domain" as ivan calls them. 

ivan meets stella, a baby elephant, when she comes to be the new attraction at the big top mall...and video arcade (sounds like a glamorous place, doesn't it). stella keeps asking ivan about his past and he is forced to remember...everything, even the things he has blocked out. 

ivan is an artist at the core and uses his art to convey a message and to eventually make things better for himself and stella. 

as i was finishing up the book tonight, i had to hold back the tears. this was a beautiful story about friendship and love and how sometimes animals know much more than we give them credit. please read this...either alone or with a child. you will love it as much as they do! the one and only ivan....a must read!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

book #6 we were liars

book #6 is the books. i can't believe how much i'm reading lately. maybe i just picked really good books for my book list :)

anyway, we were liars by e lockhart was a great easy read! this is another young adult seems like there are so many great young adult books out there right now. maybe they have always been out there and i just never knew it. 

we were liars takes you on cadence's journey after her accident. you see she is having some trouble remembering exactly what happened to her while she was visiting her family's private island in massachusetts when she was 15. her mother knows what happened, but won't tell her for fear she can't handle the truth.

in the end she learns about her accident and about herself and her family. she sees her life in a new light and many lessons have been learned. 

this was a really great story....i read it all today, so it's super fast! check it out if you haven't already!

that time when grey's anatomy looked a little bit like my own life

so i admit it. i watch grey's anatomy....every week. it's my trash tv. i know i shouldn't like it, the stories are outlandish. i could be watching something much more wholesome, but i'm addicted to it. i freely admit it. and then one day, the story had a resemblance to my very own life.

so usually there is some insane story line....there was once a shooter in the hospital, there have been plane crashes, bus accidents, boat crashes and car pile ups. there have been times when the you thought there was no way the person was going to survive, but of course they did survive and you are left feeling like the story was so fake. 

last weeks episode was the one that ripped my heart out. in last weeks episode april and jackson find out that their baby will not survive. their baby has some sort of condition and life outside the womb wasn't possible. also they found out that even while in the womb, the baby's bones could be breaking and the baby could feel what was happening. april and jackson decided to induce labor and then they could have whatever time they could with the baby. 

as the story progressed, you saw what their friends and family were doing...trying to make things better or easier on them. you saw april and jackson trying to figure out what to do and how to make peace with this situation. jackson is trying to cope with his own emotions and grief and at the same time trying to figure out what to do to help his wife through this terrible tragedy. and at one point april is just not ready to have her baby yet. she knows that once she has the baby, there is only a limited amount of time they will have left with their son. 

i remember feeling that way...being told all the things that would happen next, that i was going to go to the hospital and they were going to give me medicine to start labor. once our baby girl was born, we could spend time with her, but we would have to give her up eventually. 

i remember not wanting to go back to the hospital. not being ready to say goodbye. it was like i was standing still and the world around me kept moving. i was trapped in this fog of confusion and grief while the rest of the world kept turning. you feel almost everything is just gone from inside of you. and then for me, i felt it was a bad dream that i would wake up from. only when i woke up, my terrible reality was still staring me in the face. 

i thought that the show did a great job showing what it is like to be faced with infant death and how heartbreaking and devastating it is to walk out of those hospital doors empty handed. a few weeks before you were anticipating the arrival of your sweet baby and then before you can even process what's just happened to you, you are leaving without your baby. 

as i watched this episode, the tears streamed down my face because it hit so close to home. my situation is a little bit different than the situation in the show....we had no idea that our baby had a genetic problem. we were not faced with the decision of continuing the pregnancy or ending it. i often think about what we would have done, how we would have acted, what we might have felt getting that devastating news. but, in the end, i'm glad we didn't know. i don't think that it would have made her passing any easier and we were able to completely enjoy my pregnancy with her. but it other ways it was so much the same. 

i don't know if the show will keep up with this story line....i hope they do. i hope that others can see the grief that happens afterwards and how hard it is to pick up the broken pieces of your life. i hope they show the strength of bereaved parents and what it takes to survive the death of your child. 

thank you grey's anatomy for sharing this often times untold story with your viewers! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

dana family-family photo session at the downtown library-indianapolis family photographer

recommendations from other clients are my best source of advertising! and i just never know when i'm going to get a phone call or email that starts with, "I saw insert name here's photos and I loved them. I would like for you to take our photos." 

this happened to me recently. right before the holidays i ran a small business saturday special and tonya signed up for it right away. she knows my good friend sarah. tonya and i had met briefly before at a fundraiser for children's hope chest, check it out, but we really didn't know each other. BUT, she is one of those people who i felt like i knew already because sarah had so many wonderful things to say about her! 

after talking, tonya decided to have the photos taken at the downtown public library. the indianapolis public library is such a wonderful, cool building...there are all sorts of little nooks to sneak into and take photos. and the lighting in BEAUTIFUL in the library. that's not always the case when it's an indoor location! 

anyway, last month i met up with tonya and her son on a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we had a lot of fun in the library. 


we had a great time at the library....i learned that the dana family loves donuts and that i also learned a lot about mine craft! thank you tonya for allowing me to capture some great moments between you and your son! i loved hanging out with you both!

Friday, February 6, 2015

book #5 eleanor and park

i'm a reading machine! 5 books since the new year...that's unheard of, for me at least. 

eleanor and park. i started this book last year, but for some reason I just couldn't get into it. i'm not even really sure why. maybe but everyone loves this book, so i decided to give it another chance. boy, am i glad that i did! 

eleanor and park is one of those books that you just wish you could keep reading. when i finished i just wanted more. it reminded me how it felt to be in love for the first time, when everything was new. it took me back in time to when that one guy (the guy i married) first asked me out on a date, first held my hand and first kissed me. and then you realize that you have this amazing connection with this person, and there is no one else. you aren't looking for something better, because it can't get any better. 

so, i want to know what happens with eleanor and they make it? are they happily married and sending their kids off to college? i suppose i'll never know. but there is one thing that i do know, this isn't the last rainbow rowell book i will be reading! 

check out this quirky story of first's really great!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

book #4 Labor Day

book #4 crossed of the list for 2015! labor day, by joyce maynard, was a story about a woman, adele and her son, henry.  they meet a man named frank in the store asks for a ride. they soon find out that this man is an escaped convict. the man stays with them for the weekend. as the days go on, you realize that frank and adele are falling in love. 

it's a love story. it's a coming of age story. it's a story about how grief can change you. it's a story about how things aren't always what they seem. 

while labor day wasn't the best book i've read, it was entertaining. i connected with the main female character a little bit as the story went on. in the book you learn all about how adele wanted more children with her ex husband. they tried 4 different times and each time ended with a loss....the last time was a stillbirth of her daughter. adele told henry about the birth of his sister and how she looked over every part of her daughter's body...memorizing it...knowing she would never see it again. i had no idea about this part of the story when i started reading the book. after the death of her daughter, adele was never the same. the grief consumed her and took over her life. 

all in all, i give this book a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. it's a good, easy read. it's entertaining. and now it makes me want to reserve a copy of the movie from the library! 

have you read labor day? did you see the movie? what did you think?