Monday, July 20, 2015

book #16 The Language of Flowers: A Novel

kansas = plenty of time to read....usually! and this time was no different. either on the way out, on the way home or while the kids are hanging out with their grandparents, i get to read! yea!

i finished up my second book this afternoon. it wasn't one that was on my radar at all, but it was my book club read for this month. 

book #16 is the language of flowers: a novel by vanessa diffenbaugh

you follow the story of victoria, a young woman who never had a family. she was given up as an infant and she knows nothing of her mother. she bounced around from foster home to foster home. she finally gets placed in home with a woman who is ready to adopt her. a woman who understands her. then, gets all messed up. 

you also find out about her present day life....and her struggles to accept that she too can find happiness and even love. 

it's was a great book. i couldn't put it down. check it out! 

p.s. only four more books and i will have met my goal for 2015. fingers crossed i don't blow it! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

book #15 landline

can you believe that it's only july and i've already read 15 books?!?! my goal is 20 books for 2015. i think that i'm going to make it! 

book #15 was landline by rainbow rowell. 

so if you remember, i loved (LOVED) rainbow rowell's book eleanor and park. i read eleanor and park in like a day. it was so wonderful! but, landline, was just eh. i mean, i totally wanted to finish it. i wanted to know what happened between georgie and neil, but it wasn't that same deep burning desire to know what the heck was going to happen. maybe i had my expectations to be too high for this book. maybe if i would have read this one first i would have liked it more. but, anyway, i was slightly disappointed. 

on the other hand, it was a very easy read and it held my attention. so, i did enjoy it. so if you are a rainbow rowell fan, you might give it a chance! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

book #14 roller girl

guys, it's been a little while. the last time i told you about a book that i read was at the end of may. yikes! well, a lot has happened since then....i'll get into all of that another time. but, what i'm here to tell you about right now is the graphic novel! i finished my very first graphic novel last week. and i am in love! 

book #14 for 2015 is roller girl by victoria jamieson

roller girl is all about determination, pushing the limits, finding yourself, all while dealing with adolescence. a couple of friends who are doing some sort of insane book a day challenge this summer (you know who you are my lovely book worm friends) and they both read and LOVED this book. i asked if it was age appropriate for Georgia, who by the way is obsessed with roller skating! there is one curse word in the entire book. and it's not that bad. they warned me about it, so i read the book for myself just to see what it was like. and that's where the love began y'all! Georgia then read the book. and she read the book again. and again. and again! i think she read it 5 times including one last time on the way to the library! 

so, if you are looking for something new for your kiddo or yourself. check out roller girl!!!