Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ToT-Sports Fanatic!

A couple of weeks ago, the ToT post was all about sports....are you a big sports fan or do you hang out at the snack table during the big game? Well, I do both, but that's beside the point! Here's what I think about all things SPORTS!

Do I like yes! It's a good thing because the man I married...Mr Lichti comes from a long line of sports fans. And there is usually some sort of sport on the TV in our, basketball, doesn't matter. College, professional, little league....again, it doesn't matter. We like it all around here. Some teams I've been cheering for since I can remember. Others I married into. I feel like when you get married, you have to cheer for your spouses team. Unless they are playing your team, that is!!!

My love of sports started young. I started watching IU basketball games with my brother (he's the real sport fanatic of the Fletcher family). He went off to college at IU when I was just 7. We would watch IU basketball games religiously. I even got to go to a few games and sit up in the nosebleed seats! I can even remember staying up late to watch the 1987 NCAA basketball championship game. Indiana was playing against the Syracuse Orangemen. 

I remember my red pom-poms went flying in the air as I jumped out of my seat with Keith Smart hit the winning shot. 

The shot heard round the world.

This past season, watching the Hoosiers play was just as fun. They didn't win it all, but it was a good ride while it lasted! I'm already looking forward to next season! I will proudly wear my cream and crimson!

There are a couple more college basketball teams that I follow. Those Butler Bulldogs sure know how to make games exciting! Who would have expected this little team to go to the tournament championship two years in a row? We love to cheer for The Dawgs! And I also started cheering for the Kansas Jayhawks....I married into that one! Rock Chalk!

And I gotta love my Indiana Pacers. I followed them pretty closely in the 90s, but there were some rough times. I think that the team is past that now. I think that the city is coming back around to loving the Pacers again. I certainly have Pacer Pride again! I've got my fingers crossed that the Pacers can knock off Miami!!! 

And who could forget the Indiana Fever? Last fall the Fever won the WNBA championship title! Way to go ladies!!! We are hoping to catch at least one game this summer!!! 

I'm not only a basketball fan.....I love to watch professional football! Well, when you have a home team like the Colts to cheer for, it's not hard to love football! It was great watching the Colts win the super bowl in 2007. It was really hard for the city when Peyton Manning was no longer a Colt. Change is hard, especially when its someone that was so well liked by the community. It is because of Manning that Indianapolis became a football city. I think that most people got over it during the last seasons, but it sure was weird seeing Manning in a Broncos jersey!

And I've become a Bears fan, once again by marriage! That is as long as they aren't playing the Colts!

And baseball....the great American past time. I love going to games. It's really something to watch a baseball game live. It's the people, the food and the game that really make it something special. I don't really care to watch baseball on TV. And we're Cubs fans in this house! Go Cubbies. 

And that's pretty much it as far as sports go in this house. Are you a sports fanatic?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summa Time. Summa Time. Sum, Sum Summa Time.

Last summer, Georgia kind of got the shaft as far as summer goes. She got to go to lots of OB/GYN appointments with me. That was loads of fun. She got to sit in the air conditioned house with me. That was more fun than you could shake a stick at, for sure. It wasn't because I was a major slacker and didn't want to do anything with her that made our summer a bit boring. I just couldn't do much of anything with these twins zapping all of my energy. 

Now, that's not to say that we didn't do a darn thing last summer. She took swim lessons at the YMCA twice a week. We went to the zoo a couple of times. We took trips to the library. We made plans with good friends for play dates.We even ventured out to the Indiana State Fair (with the hopes of all that walking inducing didn't work). But while these things were great, it just wasn't the summer I was hoping to have with her before she entered full day school. 

So to make up for last summer, this summer is going to be epic! Well, we are at at least going to get out the side walk chalk and go to town coloring the drive way! Anyway, here is a list of ideas that I thought would be fun to do this summer. Things that will get us out of the house. Things that will make us more active. Things that will get our creative juices going. Things that don't cost a ton of money. 

Fletcher Lichti Summer Bucket List 2013

1. Going to the zoo. We already have a zoo membership, it's really a must do at least 2 times. 

2. Going to the library. And not just going get books every few weeks, actually doing some of the activities....going to the free movies, doing the summer reading program. 

3. Make crayon art. You know, something like this.

4. Go on a picnic. We have a state park pass. There is no reason why we should not go and use it!

5. Go swimming at the YMCA (not just swim lessons).

6. Go to Lake Michigan. We already have a cottage booked in South Haven, MI for a little vacation time! 

7. Strawberry picking. We can ride our bikes to Waterman's. We should go more often.

8. Meet Daddy for lunch. It's a treat to see Daddy during the work day!

9. Go get ice cream!

10. Decorate the drive way with sidewalk chalk. And you thought I was kidding!!!

11. Garden! 

12. Make homemade ice cream!

13. Bonfire

14. See fireworks

15. Go to the farmers market at the City Market.

16. Make Hopscotch Stepping Stones.

17. Make bird feeders, like these here.

18. Go to an Indians baseball game.

19. Make sun catchers like these.

20. Go to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati

There you have's our summer of fun and we can't wait! Georgia doesn't get out of school until June 6, so some of this will have to wait for a couple more weeks, but at least we have our list ready to go!

If you are thinking about doing a summer bucket list, head on over to The Happy Family Movement and connect with others who are doing the same! Here's to a fantastic summer 2013!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

may 17 day #134 gardening

day #134

these are some strawberry plants i got from my friend meg a couple of years ago. we weren't sure they were going to make it. 

i would say they are doing just fine!

may 16 day #133 ice cream

day #133
ice cream 

every time we go to yats, georgia thinks that we should walk down to baskin robin's and get some ice cream. this time, we indulged. 

may 16 day #132 thursday fun

day #132
thursday fun

georgia, acting like one of the big kids and hanging out with her cousins!

baby girls getting a bath in the laundry basket. it works well!

may 15 day #131 waiting

day #131

i was almost to my parent's house when this happened....i had to take a few minutes and wait. 

may 14 day #130 dora

day #130

this my friends is dora. every time i go to paul's nursery, dora is asleep on the check out counter. we didn't disturb her. 

may 13 day #129 GO GREEN!

day #129

I'm not sure what the weird smile is all about, but Georgia got her soccer shirt tonight! GO GREEN!

may 12 day #128 mother's day

day #128
mother's day

nolan and the girls got me this necklace for mother's day. it's perfect!

me and my girls!

may 11 day #127 the byler king family

day #127
the byler king family

i was so honored to photograph my friend Ann and her two adorable kiddos! they are big readers!!!

may 10 day #126 my favorite

day #126
my favorite

lilly of the valley....these are my favorite flowers. i just love those delicate little bell shaped flowers. i can remember these growing on the north side of the house i grew up in. i remember sitting on the ground and watching them grow. they are such pretty little things!

may 9 day #125 more little purple flowers

day #125
more little purple flowers

here are some geraniums that we transplanted from nolan's parents garden. we did transplanted them the first summer we lived here. they've done well. they are some of my favorite flowers in our garden!

may 8 day #124 bye bye

day #124
bye bye

we said goodbye to our little Toyota. time to move on. RIP Toyota!

may 7 day #123 for mamaw

day #123
for mamaw

This was my mom's gift for Mother's day....we took photos of her grand daughters. 



And while she got each of these photos, this last one was enlarged and framed. I think that I took 50+ photos of the girls and the one that was the best was the very first one that I took. And walking out to the spot where I wanted to photograph them, we found violets growing. If you notice, Georgia is holding violets so that Violet could be in the photo too. What sweet, beautiful girls!

The Daily Grind

This weeks ToT post is all about our daily routine....what is a daily ritual that keeps you sane???

Hmmmm, can one really be sane with 9 month old twins (yes, it really has been 9 months)? Well, some may be to differ, but yes, I think that you can. And part of that comes from something that I do ALMOST every night. 

I've told you all before about daily routine. So you already know that we are on the go from the time our feet hit the ground in the morning. Some days it seems like I don't have a second to catch my breath. After having such a busy day, a bit of time to unwind is a MUST. 

Something that keeps me sane is just having time to unwind after a long day. Once all the kids are in bed and Nolan and I have finished any chores that needed to be done, we both veg for an hour or two. I read a book....he plays computer games....I edit photos....he reads sports articles...we both surf the web. And all of this happens while we are sitting in's the most comfortable place in the house. Even the girls want to hang out in mom and dad's bed!

I feel like I just need this part of my day to get me refreshed for the next day. There is never an easy day or a slow day around here. There is no free time.....that is until about 9pm! And sometimes we stay up too late. Sometimes I wonder what in the world I was doing that was so important that I kept myself up until 12AM. 

What keeps you sane? What is apart of your daily routine that keeps you going and ready for the next day?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ToT-A Funtastic Summer

This weeks ToT post is all about what we do in the summer...our summer traditions. 

Hmmm, summer traditions. Summer traditions, hmmm. Do we have any summer traditions? YIKES, maybe we don't!!! I can't think of a single thing that we do every summer without fail. I suppose we have a bunch of lamos here in the Fletcher Lichti house. 

Before you start thinking about how lame we are, remember what happened last summer? Um, I birthed twins....

And the summer before that I was pregnant with Violet. So, the past two summers have been all about pregnancy and babies. I really didn't feel like doing much else. 

BUT, the more I thought about it, I did come up with one thing that we do EVERY SUMMER. I think that we've done this every summer since we've been married. Do you know what it might be? Any guesses?

We go to the Indiana State Fair. I love the fair. I love to walk around and smell all the delicious food that might give you a heart attack before you leave. I love to visit all the animals...horses, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, bunnies, whatever! I love to stroll through the midway and look at the rides. I love to go see the quilts, the photography, the art work, and the cakes that won blue ribbons. I like to see if I know any of the winners. I love to watch all of the other people at the fair....really, there are some pretty interesting characters there! And, before you leave the fair, you must get an elephant ear with a lemon shake up. Sometimes a corn dog is in order too. 

Those photos were taken a couple of years ago....Georgia is so much bigger than that now! 

And yes, even though the fair is in late July/early Aug, I went to the fair last year too. We were hoping that all that walking around might bring on didn't. 

That is what we do every year...without fail...I didn't even let the fact that I was 9 months pregnant with twins stop me from going. If you haven't been, you should go. 

What do you do every summer?

Monday, May 6, 2013

may 6 day #122 first soccer game

day #122
first soccer game 

even though it had been raining off and on for the past couple of days, georgia actually had decent weather for her first soccer game. there were some threatening clouds overhead, but we made it through without a single rain drop hitting us. 

it was interesting watching georgia play soccer. she was very timid. nolan talked with her later and she said that she didn't want to take the ball away from other kids...she didn't want to be rude! well, yea. 

may 5 day #121 Ole!

day #121

you must eat mexian food on cinco de mayo, right? it was a party at our local mexican joint! ole!

may 4 day #120 new ride

day #120
a new ride

a couple of weeks ago, nolan's car (AKA the first car I bought with my own money or the 1999 toyota with 204,000 miles on it) was left outside during a hail storm. he swears it was not on purpose. it wasn't...he was at work. anyway, when you have 1 1/2 thick hail hitting your old as heck car, you might get some money from the insurance company. they estimated that it was a total loss. so, we get some $$ from the insurance company for it and they get our old as heck car. and since they were taking our car, we needed another one. this is our commuter car. nolan will drive it everyday to work. i will drive it when i go out and he stays home with the girls. we can't fit all 5 of us in this car, but we have another car for that....2010 Prius, welcome to the Fletcher Lichti Family. 

may 3 day #119 proud moment

day #119 
proud moment

there are two things that georgia wants to do before she is out of kindergarten....she accomplished one, she learned to tie her shoes. and now we are just waiting for a tooth to be loose...she really wants to lose a tooth. 

may 2 day # 118 violets in bloom

day #118
violets in bloom

i found these on my walk.....just a little reminder of my Violet. i'm so glad that there are things surrounding me everywhere i go that make me think of my sweet baby in heaven. i wonder what she thinks of her new sisters. i wonder if she misses me as much as i miss her. 

may 1 day #117 digging in the garden

day #117
digging in the garden

I was finally able to get out and get my hands dirty a little bit. The weather has warmed up a bit and I was able to get some wedding done. The flower beds look so much better. Last summer I was not physically able to get out and work in the gardens you might remember I was as big as a house. And the summer before, I had just found out that I was pregnant with Violet and was having major morning sickness and I just didn't feel like it. And so that has left the yard work all to Nolan for the past two summers. It's a bummer because I do enjoy it. But now I can get out there! It felt good! Now the vegetable garden needs some work!

april 30 day #116 it's good! it's good!

day #116
it's good! it's good!

I made this lasagna. it was full of spinach, onions, tomatoes and garlic. There was minimal cheese...all of which was low fat. AND it was made with whole wheat noodles. And a miracle happened at the dinner table that night. My eldest daughter, who turned her nose up at the lasagna when it came out of the oven (even though she just asked what smelled so good) ate it and liked it. She even asked if she could take it in her lunch the next day. UM YEA! Score for mom!!!!

april 29 day # 115 Perfection

day # 115

Georgia has been waiting ALL YEAR to get perfect attendance during one quarter. You see, the kids that got perfect attendance for the quarter, got to march around the school. She really wanted to march. The first quarter, she was out of school the day after we brought the babies home from the hospital. The second quarter, well she was late a time or two....mostly due to an exhausted mom and dad who were up too late taking care of her sisters. BUT, the third quarter we did it. She was so proud. 

april 28 day #114 new equipment

day #114
new equipment

Georgia had to make sure that her new shin guards fit right before soccer practice tomorrow. She asked if someone could take her photo. The YMCA only asked that the kids purchase the shin guards. The Y provides soccer socks and a t shirt. Cleats are optional. This is low key, so far, I can handle it!

april 27 day #113 wedding bells!

day #113
wedding bells!

today we went to our friend kevin's wedding. it was so great to see him happy! congrats gayle and kevin!

april 26 day #112 a day at the hospital

day #112
a day at the hospital

georgia had a filed trip to a local hospital. they were able to learn about some of the things that go on when you go to the hospital. sometimes the hospital can be a scary place, but hopefully this makes it a little less scary. she was even able to put a cast on her stuffed animal. nolan took the day off work to go with her. she was glad for a daddy daughter date!

april 25 day # 111 dancing queen

day # 111
dancing queen

evie loves to dance. she hears music and she starts moving her head back and forth. she's very serious about it. it's hilarious. georgia likes it so much that she drew a picture of it. my favorite part are the little lines that show she is moving. i think that's georgia's favorite part too because she pointed them out to me!

april 24 day #110 georgia's creation

day #110
georgia's creation

Georgia came home from school on Earth Day (April 22) and told us that she had to bring a container back to that we recycled and that could be used for something else. A couple of days later this is what she came home with....she made it. It was one of those times as a parent when you don't know what to do....really, how long were we supposed to leave two plastic bottles that had been taped together that contained water and paper towels on display in our living room? 
She's proud of it. I'm glad she is creative. I'm glad she goes to a school that fosters that creativity, but what the heck am I supposed to do with this thing?

Friday, May 3, 2013

april 23 day #109 blueberries and sweet potatoes

day #109
blueberries and sweet potatoes

I've been making some homemade baby food for the girls. Not a lot, but some. I made a big batch of sweet potatoes and blueberries. These little boogers gobbled it right up! 

april 22 day #108 SOCCER

day #108

And so it begins.....I'm now a soccer mom. Georgia started soccer practice today. I must confess that I did not take this photo.....Nolan took it for me. He took Georgia to soccer while I stayed home, fed the twins and made dinner. I think that he got the better end of the deal :) Thanks for the photo, babe!

april 21 day #107-sometimes you just need to dance

day #107
sometimes you just need to dance

just dance. georgia loves this game. it's a good work out for us all!

April 20 day #106 Bridal Shower

Day #106
Bridal Shower

This is my friend Tara. Her beautiful daughter Elise is getting married in a couple of months. Tara asked if I could take photos at Elise's bridal shower. Tara is another local photographer and she came and took photos of the twins at the hospital. I knew that I would have a lot going on and we would end up missing some photos if it was left up to me. Tara wouldn't take any $$ for taking the photos, she just said that I could pay her back sometime. Well, 8 months later she cashed in! I was so glad to help her out!