Thursday, March 28, 2013

march 23-day #78 thule

day #78

we bought this to strap to the roof for our kansas trip. we thought about renting a van. that was going to cost us at least $500. the more we thought about it the more we decided that we would rather invest the money in a roof top luggage carrier for our car. this isn't the last time we will be making this trip to kansas. our future cars will be at least as big as the forrester. we thought, what the heck and we headed out to the local REI store and bought one right then and there. 

march 22-day #77 excuse me, there is a towel on your head

day #77
excuse me, you have a towel on your head

georgia started spring break. while i was busy trying to do some packing for our kansas trip, i hear a little voice from the kitchen, "mommy, come here." i go to see whats going on and this is what i find. georgia took the wash cloths i used to clean the twins up after lunch and put them on their heads. what she found so funny was that they left them there. they had no desire to take them off their heads. and she wanted me to take a picture. silly girls!

march 21-day #76 spring play

day #76
spring play

this is a terrible picture of georgia's spring play at school, but it's all we had. i forgot to bring my zoom lens and there was just not enough light for my camera....even with the little flash. anyway, she had a line. she did a great job. she sang songs with vigor. she's a natural performer. i'm not sure where she gets that from ;)

march 20-day #75 daffodils

day #75

 there is something that i've come to expect every march. i get daffodils. at liberty mutual the american cancer society does a fund raiser where they sell daffodils. and i've received daffodils almost every year that nolan has worked for liberty. 

so, while it was snowing outside, we had a tiny bit of spring inside. lovely!

march 19-day #74 chocolate milk

day #74
chocolate milk

i've started a more regular work out routine. i've got a treadmill workout that i've been doing lately. it's got all sorts intervals. i hoping that i can get to the point where i can run a 5K again.

any way, did you know that chocolate milk is a great post work out drink! well it is. try it sometime. 

march 18-day #73 playtime with big sister

day #73
playtime with big sister

these girls love their big sister. and big sister loves these little girls. you should see the way they light up when their big sis enters the room. i hope that their relationship continues to grow. 

march 17-day #72 homemade baby wipes

day #17
homemade baby wipes

i'm getting all suzie homemaker again. i've been reading on pinterest about how fabulous these homemade baby wipes are and how easy they are to make. so i decided, what the heck...let's make some and see what all the fuss is about. 

i bought all the necessary items to make these wipes....bounty paper select a size paper towels  (they must be bounty, the cheap brands will not do, from what i hear on pinterest), baby oil (or coconut oil works too) and baby wash. oh and a container to put it all in. 

 this is the link that i used to make the first batch. they came out out a little bit wetter than i like. i cut the water in half. that is a little dryer than i would like. next time i suppose i will adjust it again. 

all in all, i think that we will continue to make these wipes. i don't know what the exact figures are, but it has to be cheaper. and when you go through as many wipes as we do, you do whatever is cheaper!

march 16-day 71 date night

day #71
date night

there's a happy couple if i've ever seen one. we were clearly excited to be kid free for the evening. it was date night. we went out to dinner, pf chang's, walked around the mall, and then got some dessert from cinnabon (mmmmm). 

when you're surrounded by kids most of the time, it's nice to go out without them. we love our girls. we don't like be apart from them for too long. it's weird when they aren't with us. but, it's so nice to have a little break. we've decided that date night is something we are going to do on a monthly basis. one month i get to plan our date, the next nolan gets to plan it. it will be nice to "date" each other again. for so long we have just been doing things together....going out to dinner, going to a movie, going to a show. these dates will be different...they will be more thought out and planned instead of "where do you want to go for dinner tonight? i dunno, where do you want to go? i dunno."

i hope to blog about our adventures in dating. we'll see what ideas we come up with!

march 15-day 70 it's feeding time

day #70
it's feeding time

georgia asked if she could help feed her sister. SURE. i always like help. and it's hard to feed the twins at the same time. i usually end up feeding one and then the other. its difficult for one to wait....she usually ends up crying :( it's good to know there is another helper in the house!

march 14-day #69 sitting pretty

day #69
sitting pretty

the twins are working at their sitting up skills. evie is really good at it and junie is getting there. geez these girls are growing up so fast!

march 13-day #68 new pope

day #68
a new pope

(please excuse the flash in the middle of the television. i was trying to wrangle my twins while attempting to capture this photo of the white was difficult to say the least and I didn't notice this until well after)

there is a new pope in town kids. pope francis. he seems like a nice guy, although i've never met him. anyone who rides the bus instead of taking a limo has to be nice, right? 

even though i'm not catholic, i was watching and waiting for that white smoke, just like so many others. 

march 12-day #67 a dog and his nest

day #67
a dog and his nest

as you know, this is herbie. he's my baby boy. he's allowed on my bed ONLY if we have a special herbie sheet on top to protect the duvet and sheet from his dirty self. well, sometimes while we are out, we come home to find that herbie has made himself a little nest. he will pull back the sheet and arrange the pillows. 

you might be like me and ask, "Why do dogs make nests?" 

well the answer, according to is "Dogs make nests as a positive reinforcement for their environment. It's a reaction with the psychology of the animal to produce a nesting of its own where it feels safe, secure and comfortable. It is natural for most animals to build nesting or shelter."

so, while we have never gotten angry with him for making his little nests, it is a little bit annoying. but, now that i know it's just his way of saying that he feels safe, secure and comfortable it's even more cute than i found it before. 

march 11-day #66 best pizza

day #66
favorite pizza

this is our favorite pizza spot. jockamo upper crust pizza is on the east side of indy in irvington. they have some of the best pizza around. i love the cheese louise pizza....loads of cheese and bacon. YUM. actually, every pizza i've had here has been delish. the salads are great too. when i was working at the doctor's office, we would come here often for lunch. it was close to our office and they have a $5 lunch special,double slice of pizza, lunch salad and a can't beat it with a stick. 
if you remember, i wrote about my love for jockamo here. it was on my list of favorite indy restaurants. and if you want to check out a menu or get the address check out their webstie

march 10-day #65 jack's party

day #65
jack's party

georgia's friend from church, jack, had a birthday party. she was super excited that we were able to go. jack is such a sweet little boy...he always brings georgia flowers for her birthday. it's really cute. so, we were very happy to be going to his party. 

march 9 day #64-homemade baby food

day #64
homemade baby food

we had some sweet potatoes. i decided that since my girls LOVE sweet potatoes that i was going to go all suzie homemaker and whip up some homemade baby food for them. it sure was easy. and with these handy dandy little containers i got from target (where else is there to shop, really?) it's pretty easy to store. the only problem i had was that the twins didn't like JUST sweet potatoes too much. it needed a little something. i dug out a pack of apples and mixed it in and boy did they gobble it up! this is something i can's cheap, it's easy, it's healthy and they love it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ToT-This Ones Gonna Take A Little Bit More Time

Today's ToT was supposed to be about a random act of kindness. We were supposed do a random act of kindness for a stranger and then write about it (what we did, how it played out, the person's reaction, how it made us feel, how we got the idea, etc). While this is a great topic, I felt a lot of pressure to do something blog worthy. I could have just paid for the grande soy chai of the yuppie behind me in the Starbucks drive thru. And while that would have brightened the person's day and hopefully inspired them to pay it forward, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to become invested in this instead of just whipping out my wallet and shelling out some dough.

So anyway, I've come up with something that I want to do. It's actually something that Nolan and I have talked about doing for sometime now. I can't believe it wasn't the first thing I thought about.

So, stay tuned to find out about my random act of kindness.

Friday, March 8, 2013

day #63 Exerscauser Time

day #63

The girls have started playing in their exersaucer. They are having a great time despite June's shocked expression in this photo. 

day #62 and there shall be cake!

day #62

Georgia and I made this cake last night. It's called a Ho Ho Cake. The recipe can be found here. It was delish! Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

day #61 on the move

day #61

It's happened. This little girl is starting to scoot around. She can get to where ever she wants to go now. Ugh! I thought the newborn stage was hard. I was really enjoying the stage where they sat and played together! Time to break out the baby corral. 

day #60 looky what i got!

day #60

Remember when I told you about Family Literacy Night? Well, if you went to all 5 stations, did the activity and got a sticker for it, you got a chance to be entered in a drawing for various prizes. On Tuesday, Georgia comes out of school carrying this teddy bear. She said that she got back from gym class and it was sitting on her desk. She won it from Family Literacy Night. She said a couple of other kids her in class won something too. Lucky class, I guess!

day #59 African Necklace

day #59

Georgia came out of school on Monday wearing this necklace. She said that in art class they each made African necklaces. I wish I would have gotten a photo of her wearing it, but she was already in bed by the time this one was taken!

day #58 Obsession

day #58

I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap to find this. Herbie looking out the window and Evie looking at Herbie. She is obsessed with Herbie and Myrtle. Myrtle is a little scared of her, but Herbie likes to sniff her and sometimes give her a little smooch! 

day #57 sitting pretty

day #57

Seesters hanging out before bedtime. Look Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ben, the twins are wearing their jammies you got them for Christmas!

day # 56 horton hears a what?

day #56

Last Friday Georgia's school celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday by having Family Literacy Night. Nolan and I took Georgia, sans twins, and had a good time playing games with her. The kiddos were encouraged to dress as their favorite Dr Seuss character. Georgia choose Horton, from Horton Hears A Who and Horton Hatches The Egg. 

day #55 they see me rollin'

day #55

This is what Nolan came home with last Wednesday night. No, it's not ours.....we can't keep it. We had to take our Subaru in to the shop because there was a part on the car that was recalled and it needed to be repaired. Well, they had to order the part and so we had to leave our car there over night and we were able to drive around this 2013 Subaru Outback. So Thursday I was going to meet Nolan at the Subaru dealership to return this car and get ours back. Well he called while I was in the pick up line to get Georgia and said that we got to keep this beauty for one more night. 
Sadly, Friday afternoon, I had to take the Outback back and pick up my car. And as nice as it was to have the Outback, it was also really nice to have my car back.

day #54 putting your foot (or toes) in your mouth

day #54

June can put her toes in her mouth. Compelling stuff here folks!

day #53 new suit

day #53

Every Tuesday Georgia takes swim lessons at the YMCA. Last summer she got a swim suit that she just loved. It was pink. It had a little skirt. She felt like a ballerina when she wore it. But the suit had a halter top. And that halter top got really stretched out. So, it was time to buy another swim suit. This is what she picked out. She's got nice style!

day #52 peek a boo

day #52

While I was making dinner, Georgia entertained June with a game of peek a boo!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ToT: Secrets Of A Super Woman

What are your super woman secrets? How to do you do it all every day? What are you willing to fudge so you can do everything else? This is what we're talking about this week. 

Super woman. Am I a super woman? I'm not sure about that. Do I have a few tricks up my sleeve? You betcha. And I suppose I'll share those with you...but just a few ;)

Having twins has really turned my world upside down. I'm constantly busy. And I tell myself every day that I'm going to do this, that and the other while the twins are napping. But, do you want to know the truth? This is what I really do when they are napping, I sit on the couch. I watch daytime TV. I check out Facebook. I pin stuff that I'm never going to do on Pinterest. I take a nap. I'm human...I like to veg!

Dressing The Part
Getting myself dressed in the morning, even if it's just yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt makes me more productive. Sure lounging in my PJs until I have to go get Georgia is relaxing. It feels good. But I'm far more productive when I'm dressed. 

Just A Little Bit
So, the past few weeks, to help keep me on track with doing all of the things that need to be done around the house, I decided that I was just not going to let things get messy. I was going to clear the dishwasher EVERYDAY. I was going to load the dishwasher EVERYDAY. I was going to do a load of laundry EVERYDAY. I was going to pick up the baby toys in the living room EVERYDAY. And so far it's been working well. The kitchen is clean every morning when I wake up and that is such a good feeling. At the end of the night we go to bed to a clean living room. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is make sure you do the little things every day. That way, the little things don't turn into big things.

You Can Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar
I have no idea about flies, but what I do know is that I use vinegar. And I use a lot of it. I put it in the dishwasher. I just dump some in the bottom and my dishes come out with no residue. No spots! Miracle! I use it to clean...I wash windows and mirrors and the girl's plastic toys. No harsh chemicals here, no way Jose! And I have been known to dump a little vinegar in the washing machine with a load of towels. It helps take the icky smell away. I buy vinegar almost every week at the grocery store. It's a staple at the Fletcher Lichti house!

If You Can't Stand The Heat Get Out Of The Kitchen
A big thing here is making dinner. Going out to eat got really old when I was pregnant. We went out all the time. We went out to dinner so often that we got sick of eating out. Eating out is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a treat. It's supposed to be delicious. And eating out got to the point where it was none of those things for us. We would sit in the car and try to figure out some place to go. And nothing ever sounded good. We had been to all of our go to kid friendly, nearby restaurants so many times that they just sounded BLEH! 

Now that we are finding our groove here in Twinland, we are getting back into our routines from before the twinsies were born....eating at home more often. My goal is 3 times a week for me to make a homemade meal...Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we always go to my parent's house for Fletcher Family Dinner Night. Friday, Saturday we eat out for dinner. Sunday we have been eating out for lunch, but I'm trying to get into the habit of making something in the crock pot for us to dive into when we get home from church. 

Since we are cooking at home, meal planning is a must. I sit down and look through recipes that I want to make. I ask my dining companions (Nolan and Georgia) if they have any suggestions for a meal. They are pretty worthless when it comes to this. Nolan eats almost anything and Georgia's diet would consist of mac and cheese, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets if it was up to her. So I have to find something that is going to please my 5 year old boring eater and my 33 year old eat anything eater. Anyway, as I make my menu for the week, I make a grocery list. And when I'm finished with my list I make sure to go through the fridge and the pantry to see if there is anything else that needs to be added. And then I head to the store. We've been going on Sunday evenings and while things are picked over, that is really the best time for us to go. And that way, I don't have to go alone. Shopping goes faster when Nolan is with me. I'm easily distracted by items in the store. They call my name. And some how I end up in the home section smelling all the lovely candles when I just went into Target for some OJ and cheese. You know that you all do it all the time. sucks you in and you stay for 1 1/2 hours when it should have been a 15 minute trip!

The Peanut To My Butter
Having an A-W-E-S-O-M-E partner helps! We do little things like clean up the kitchen together after dinner. Or have a laundry folding party while watching Mad Men. Or when one of us is super duper tired or has a million and one things to get done the other will take on some extra stuff. There are some gender roles that go on in our home. Who does most of the house cleaning...the wife. Who cooks dinner....the wife. Who mows the lawn....the husband. Who plunges the toilet...the husband. Who drills holes in the walls so I can hang a picture....the husband. And most of the time, we do those things because either the other person hates to do it or because we actually like doing it. I'm pretty sure that neither of us like plunging the toilet....Nolan gets that job by default. I can't do doesn't work for me. I try...I fail. Enough about the toilet plunging. My point is, having a partner in crime who is awesome makes you awesome too. 

What do I slack on? Hmm. Nothing. I'm perfect and get everything done. Not so much! 

I don't clean my bathroom very often. There I've said it. You know my deep dark secret. The master bath in our house is a pit. The counter top has about a million little hair ties and bobbie pins. My flat iron sits out. Dust is collecting on my bottles of perfume. I think I have a nursing bra sitting on the counter. It's been there for probably 3 weeks. Why haven't I put it away? I don't know! I'm lazy. I'm tired. Nobody goes in there but me...and Nolan. It's just not high on my priority list. When people come over, I never say to myself, "I better clean the master bathroom." No, I always say, "I better sweep up all the dog and cat hair before they get here!" Don't worry, the guest bathroom is always clean!

Here is another thing I do to make my life easier. I really want to be that lady that goes to the farmer's market every Saturday to pick up my veggies for the week. I want to be the lady that chats it up with the farmers at the farmer's market because I see them every Saturday when I go to get my veggies. But I don't have time for that. I have my organic veggies delivered to my home via Green Bean Delivery. I can even get local stuff. And I can get meat and eggs from family farms. So, I get farmer's market directly to my door. 

I eat fast food. Not every day. Not even a lot. But some times, it's just what fits into my schedule. Sometimes, I'm out and I can run through the drive thru and grab a quick sandwich and be on my merry way. It never really tastes that great. It's terrible for my waistline But sometimes, you just need some McNuggets to tide you over. And I think that being bloated because I ate some french fries is better than being Mrs. Cranky Pants because I haven't eaten since yesterday. 

We make sure to run the dishwasher EVERY NIGHT. We do this even if it's not full. Before we had the twins, we waited until it was full to run it, but when you have 10,000 baby bottles and all the parts that go with them that need to be washed on a daily basis, you run the dishwasher. It takes so long to wash all of those little bottles. So in the morning, I unload the dishwasher. Then I just load it through out the day with whatever we use. And when we head to bed, we run it. It might be full. It might not. 

I hate to iron. I would rather be doing a million other things. So, when I have something that is a little bit wrinkled, I just throw it in the dryer on high for a couple of minutes. My clothes not only come out toasty warm, they come out with no wrinkles. And while it was in the dryer, I was able to brush my teeth and make my bed.

Those are my tips and tricks for being a super woman. Maybe you just learned a little something!