Monday, January 18, 2016

Where should we take our photos?

I ask this question all the time....where do you want to do your photos? Many times there is a specific location that my clients have their little hearts set on, but more often than not I get the "I don't know, do you have any recommendations?" And that's totally fine! It's my job to help you decide what suits your family best! So I decided that it might be a good idea to come up with a list and post it here to my blog. That way, when someone asks, I can just send them this link and not have to try to remember everything :)

Without further ado, here is my list of great photography locations around Indy....

1. Fort Harrison State Park-I LOVE it here. It use this spot so often. But it's so beautiful, why wouldn't I use it? 

2. Paul Ruster Park-ok, so I'm letting you in on a little secret. This little gem of a park is located on the east side of Indy. No one goes here for photos. Seriously, I've never encountered another photographer here. So, while there might be kids on the playground, folks at the dog park and others doing some light don't have to compete with a bunch of other photographers for prime locations. BONUS!!! 

3. Your favorite bakery-you know how trendy little cupcake spots are these days. And they are oh so delicious! Why wouldn't you want to grab a cupcake and get some photos done? And many times, they are decorated just so cute! And not just cupcake spots....your neighborhood Starbucks is just as awesome. 

4. Holcomb Gardens-tucked away on Butler University's campus is a little dream spot. Holcomb Gardens is beautiful all times of the year. I was there so much in 2015 because everyone knows what a gem it is! 

5. Southeastway Park-nestled on the south east side of Indy is a park I've been going to since I was a kid. There are fields with tall grasses, beautiful trees, creeks, and even a little pond. It's a pretty popular spot, so you run the risk of dodging other photographers, but it's still awesome and best of all, it's free! 

6. The Indianapolis Central Library-ok, the downtown library has fantastic lighting and some great spots for photos. It's a beautiful building that has both old and new spots. 

7. Your Home-There is nothing better than the memories you make at your home. I'm always up for an at home photo shoot :)

And there are so many more spots across this awesome city to use for your photos. One thing I tell my clients is if they are looking for a spot that is just a little bit different, many times the spots that you like to visit are the best locations for photos. You go to this local donut shop every Saturday with your kids? Then get your family photos done there. Most businesses are willing to let us snap a few photos. The end result = beautiful memories of your family. 

So don't be afraid to suggest that off beat spot for your photos....I'm always up for trying out something new. And speaking of booking.....I've already got 2 photo shoots scheduled for this Saturday. Don't miss out on getting the date and the time that you want for your photos. Contact me today at to talk about setting a date! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Best of 2015....Purple Peaches Photography Addition

It's been awhile, friends. But I have a few great excuses...the two most important ones being we moved (YEA) and Purple Peaches has been off the hook busy! You guys, this year was insane. I did 49 photo sessions.....mostly families, but I did two weddings, a birth, some newborns and a few events. 

Here is the best of the best of 2015....


I was happy to meet up with my dear friend Rachael to do some head shot photos. She won an award at work and needed these for a publication. It was so fun to see her again...especially since she now lives in the Seattle area! Congrats again on your award Rachael, you deserve it!

Tonya, a friend of a friend who is now my friend! She and her son met up with me for some photos. I learned all about Minecraft! I had no idea!!!

Both of these sessions were at the downtown Indy library. 

Sweet Jack was my first newborn of the year. I'm getting ready to do his 1 year photos in a few weeks. I can't wait!

My bestie Carol is a lawyer for Bleeke Dillon and Crandall. 

My second little newborn of the year! Look at those cheeks! 

Melissa and Aaron invited me over to their home for a photo shoot. What a beautiful couple...inside and out!

Jane and Oren are some of my parent's dearest friends. They celebrated 46 years of marriage this spring and had a little photo shoot to mark the occasion! May you have many more happy years together!

Jakob graduated high school this spring! Yea! 

Joanne invited me over to photograph her kids, grand kids and great grand kids.

Yoshida and her beautiful girls met me at The Flying Cupcake for a quick Mommy and Me mini session!

Alex and his mommy met me and Holcomb Gardens. 

Sweet Caroline turned 1! Her mama invited me over to capture the event!

I did a lifestyle session with the Clarks before they moved out of their old home to their new home! So fun!

Landon also turned 1! I met up with him and his family at Fort Harrison State Park.

I met up with the Lasley Family at Southeastway Park. What an amazing family!

My beautiful niece Rylee went to her 8th grade formal last spring. Ugh, she can't be that old, can she?


The Kandel Cisco fam met me at Holcomb Gardens one lovely in evening in June. Brooke was the winner of my photo shoot give away back in May! 

Katherine and Dave met me at Fort Harrison for a maternity session. You'll see that sweet baby in a bit!

The Wagner Family met up with me at Holcomb Gardens. They are such a super sweet, super fun family!

Katherine and Dave invited me to photograph the birth of their daughter. This was amazing!

Matt and Carrie invited me out to their home for a maternity session! 

Miss O (who I've been photographing since she was just an itty bitty) and her little sis Miss M met me at Fort Harrison for a quick little shoot!


I hung out with the Barnhart family at Fort Harrison State Park one evening in July. Aren't they beautiful?

Meet Cole...I photographed his newborn session at his family's home. What a sweet little guy!

Here is the Eismeier Family. We caught up with each other at Holcomb Gardens. 

Meet the King Family. We met up at Paul Ruster Park on the east side of Indy. These guys were champs....a big group, but they were a dream to work with!

Maggie and Chuck are having a baby! And it's a BOY!!! Yea! 

Miss Erica graduates this May! I hope your Senior year has been amazing! We met up at Fort Harrison State Park.

Mr Ian's newborn shoot! I got to see him at his family's home. Welcome to the world!

Congrats JB and John! They invited me to photograph their casual wedding at a friends home. What a fun party!

Congrats Lindsay and Mike! They invited me to photograph their wedding at The Hotel Broad Ripple. Such a fun and cool wedding!

Arent Family, thanks for meeting up with me for a mini session at Holcomb Gardens.

I met up with the Goley Family at Pioneer Park in Mooresville. It was my first time there and I loved it! 

Here is the Kauffman Family! We met up on a cold October morning for a mini session at Holcomb Gardens. 

I met up with the Kippert family to get some photos for Miss O's 1st birthday! 

I went apple picking with the Langlais family! Miss J was a little shy for the camera, but we worked it out! 

The Lindsay Family met me here in Irvington for a super quick session before the rain set in! Glad we were able to get some keepers before the rain!

Margo graduates this May! Congrats! We met up at Eagle Creek. What a great location for photos! 

Meagan and Rowan met up with me at Holcomb Gardens for a mini session! So much love here!

This is the third time I've photographed the Myers Family. We caught up with each other at West Park in Carmel. This was my first time there and I will be back for sure. I might not lay down in this field again since as I was walking out a snake slithered over my foot! ACK!!!

These ladies! So much sass, so much style, so much sweetness, so much fun! Emily, you and your girls are beautiful! Thanks for meeting me at Holcomb Gardens!

Another long time customer, the Showalter Family! I was happy to meet up with them on a beautiful fall evening at Holcomb Gardens.

The Thompson Family! We also met at Holcomb gardens. They were such a breeze to work with! How gorgeous are they?

Tonya and Conner met up with me again this year! Conner had a lot of fun making faces for the camera! His face says it all, doesn't it! Ha! Love it!

The Vidal Family was one of my very first customers when I was still practicing. I must have done something right because they keep coming back....for 4 years now! It's awesome to watch their kiddos grow up through my lens!

My nieces, Rylee and Rachel. Beautiful girls!

The Clark Family''s back again for photos at their new home! Yea for moving to bigger and better places!

Jane and Oren are back for some Christmas card photos!

Jessica and her amazing family met up with me in downtown Carmel. Jessica has a Georgia....I have a Georgia! We must be kindred spirits! They were such good sports with all the Christmas props!

I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I love meeting up with each and every family. I love the responses I get from the photos I post. It's a great feeling to know that I've made my clients happy! So thank you all so much for asking me to photograph you last year. Here's to 2016 and many more photo shoots!