Monday, January 18, 2016

Where should we take our photos?

I ask this question all the time....where do you want to do your photos? Many times there is a specific location that my clients have their little hearts set on, but more often than not I get the "I don't know, do you have any recommendations?" And that's totally fine! It's my job to help you decide what suits your family best! So I decided that it might be a good idea to come up with a list and post it here to my blog. That way, when someone asks, I can just send them this link and not have to try to remember everything :)

Without further ado, here is my list of great photography locations around Indy....

1. Fort Harrison State Park-I LOVE it here. It use this spot so often. But it's so beautiful, why wouldn't I use it? 

2. Paul Ruster Park-ok, so I'm letting you in on a little secret. This little gem of a park is located on the east side of Indy. No one goes here for photos. Seriously, I've never encountered another photographer here. So, while there might be kids on the playground, folks at the dog park and others doing some light don't have to compete with a bunch of other photographers for prime locations. BONUS!!! 

3. Your favorite bakery-you know how trendy little cupcake spots are these days. And they are oh so delicious! Why wouldn't you want to grab a cupcake and get some photos done? And many times, they are decorated just so cute! And not just cupcake spots....your neighborhood Starbucks is just as awesome. 

4. Holcomb Gardens-tucked away on Butler University's campus is a little dream spot. Holcomb Gardens is beautiful all times of the year. I was there so much in 2015 because everyone knows what a gem it is! 

5. Southeastway Park-nestled on the south east side of Indy is a park I've been going to since I was a kid. There are fields with tall grasses, beautiful trees, creeks, and even a little pond. It's a pretty popular spot, so you run the risk of dodging other photographers, but it's still awesome and best of all, it's free! 

6. The Indianapolis Central Library-ok, the downtown library has fantastic lighting and some great spots for photos. It's a beautiful building that has both old and new spots. 

7. Your Home-There is nothing better than the memories you make at your home. I'm always up for an at home photo shoot :)

And there are so many more spots across this awesome city to use for your photos. One thing I tell my clients is if they are looking for a spot that is just a little bit different, many times the spots that you like to visit are the best locations for photos. You go to this local donut shop every Saturday with your kids? Then get your family photos done there. Most businesses are willing to let us snap a few photos. The end result = beautiful memories of your family. 

So don't be afraid to suggest that off beat spot for your photos....I'm always up for trying out something new. And speaking of booking.....I've already got 2 photo shoots scheduled for this Saturday. Don't miss out on getting the date and the time that you want for your photos. Contact me today at to talk about setting a date! 

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